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Plum Blossom Festival
February 18~March 5, 2017
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Taiko Festival(成田太鼓祭)
April 15, 16, 2017
The city of Narita first gained notice and flourished when it became a popular pilgrimage site during the Edo period, thanks to the visits from numerous pilgrims who flocked there from all corners of Japan.
It is this impressive history that has led the city of Narita to be called a pioneer among famous sightseeing spot in Japan.
With the opening of nearby Narita International Airport, the city is now no longer just a popular sightseeing venue, but an important hub also connected by highways and railroads. Every day, these planes, trains, and automobiles bring with them the nostalgic and the new, energy and healing, Japanese and international visitors, and all kinds of people and cultures. The influx of all of this converging in Narita makes it a places overflowing with the energy necessary to welcome the more than 1,400,000 annual visitors.
Since its founding over more than a thousand years ago, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple has played an important historical role. It has been an important symbol of faith for pilgrims. At various places throughout the city, unique customs can be found which reflect the living culture and wealth of nature found in Narita. Over the course of the year, numerous events both large and small take place. The city also boasts a brand-new shopping mall. The outer-lying areas near Narita, such as Boso, are perfect for ecological-based activities and nature enthusiasts. Regardless of the season, there is plenty to be found here.
Over the centuries, from generation to generation and from parent to child, the people of the city of Narita have continued to extend their hospitality by opening their hearts and doors to visitors from all over. The city of Narita is waiting to welcome you, too.

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