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Naritasan Shinshoji Temple(成田山新勝寺)

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A 10-minute train ride from Narita International Airport, 15 minutes by foot from the station.

Erected in 940 B.C., this is a Buddhist temple with a thousand-year-plus history. Approximately 300 years ago, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple became a popular stop for pilgrims who prayed for safety, luck, and prosperity to bless their lives.

Today, there are more than 12 million visitors annually. It continues to be one of the most famous temples in Japan. Ceremonial prayers and rituals are performed by a priest several times throughout the day , and are open to the public. This ritual is intended to deliver the wishes of the people to Buddha.

Interestingly, this branch of practiced Buddhism originally came to Japan from China; therefore the ceremonies are full of fascinating rituals that have been practiced for many centuries.

Currently, at the start of the temple grounds is a three-storied pagoda decorated with bright colors. A large portion of the temple remains from the original structure built in the Edo period. Each building reflects the architectural style of the period in which it was built. Five of the structures have been designated as important national cultural properties.

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