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Conventions city "Narita"

The access of the land route centers by air, and the Narita city is very convenient to gather the participants from all parts of the world. Abundant Accommodation, the meeting facilities are maintained. Furthermore, the various needs of the visitor can be met as a sightseeing spot and entertainment facilities are located in the proximity area.

 Airport and direct connection -Hospitality&Location-

From Narita International Airport, it is 0 minutes. The most of the around airport hotel where access is very convenient possess the facilities which are available for the holding of the large-scale meeting. As the burden to a body is reduced to the participant who finishes long air travel, and visits Japan by the foreign country, a location of Narita is welcomed very much.

In addition, I am endowed with the location that is easy to access a participant coming using an expressway and a train from the Japanese whole very much let alone the prefecture.

In this way, I am connected directly with an airport, and location itself with the environmental good hotel is the best hospitality (hospitality) holding Conventions in Narita with convenience among the green.

 -Convention Facility- economical as for the price first-class as for the service

The guest room of the hotel amounting to approximately 7,000 around Narita can use high-level Hotel service while keeping international size with each room. It may be said that it is the greatest characteristic that is available for an economic room charge than I stay in the hotel in Tokyo providing the service of the class.
In Narita, the various needs of the visitor holding the Conventions including the Narita international Cultural Center can be met including substantial meeting facilities installed in such a hotel.

 Even if a lot of visitors come, I am reliable

Even if there are mass orders, in around Narita, high-level various catering that can accept the immediately order can be used. The thing of the type that matched preference from various kinds can be chosen.
Specifically, please refer to the tourist association.

 After Conventions -Entertainment-

The Narita Airport area hotel operates a free shuttle bus to JR and Keisei Narita Station and AEON MALL Narita each. In off time, a meal and the Shopping at such a place can be enjoyed.

Around Narita Station, a shop and various restaurants such as the national chain having feelings toward the taste that an individual runs stand. In the suburbs, there is the shop operating a pick-up bus depending on a request.
Furthermore, the AEON MALL Narita can choose the shop which matched preference from the meal of various genres as the neighboring restaurants let alone the shop. The shops overflow from the world by the various words of the visitor who gathered in Narita as if they totally come to the foreign country.

Specifically, please refer to the tourist association.

Using the comfortable access to the metropolitan area, it is recommended a foot is stretched out from Narita, and to go out at Recreational facilities and the Shopping spot of the neighborhood.
In addition, Golf can be enjoyed. As a large number of golf courses are in the Narita city and the neighboring municipalities, a round is done before returning home by all means and? If it is recommended, と is the difference pear between being able to be pleased with the visitor from the foreign country.

Access from Narita Airport

  • It is 20 minutes by car to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
  • It is 25 minutes by car to Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm)
  • It is 25 minutes by car to Chiba Prefectural Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura (Boso Village)
  • It is 60 minutes with a limousine to Tokyo Disney Resort
  • It is 80 minutes by a train to Akihabara
  • It is 50 minutes by a train to Chiba
  • To Sawara, it is 40 minutes by small Edo Sawara walk bus by a train for 40 minutes
  • It is 60 minutes by a train to Kashima major shrine
  • It is 90 minutes by a train to Choshi

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