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Wide area guidebook

The advice of sightseeing in wide area mainly on the Narita city

 Old cityscape ... full of the Sahara (touch) - information

Merchant town Sawara that prospered in water transportation of the Tone River.
"There was it, and Honcho, Sawara Edo was superior to Sahara if I looked at Edo and was good at it", and と prospered so that it was sung.
Along Onogawa and Katori Highway, merchant's families at the time still stay. I was chosen for the first time in the important traditional buildings preservation district of the country in the Kanto district in 1996.
I am still described as as "valid cityscape" because there are many merchant's families who continue doing business.


Cityscape along Onogawa

A sightseeing ship goes into service in Onogawa, and the tree of willow shakes a branch along the river. The scene to look up at from a ship over Yanagi is Edo itself. Events is performed in Sahara through one year. Is performed above all every year in early summer; murder you, and, as for the festival and the summer and the big festival of autumn Sahara performed twice a year, it is Events of popularity.

Murder; the wedding ship by the festival

Big festival of Sahara

Trip なび Sahara (External link)

 Castle town ... of Sakura (cherry tree) - 110,000 countries

It is the town where a color is dark, and the history, the culture that ancient people brought up remains.
There is the spot that can conflict with the history that prospered as a castle town Chiba's greatest in the town.

A castle made early in the Edo era was in Sakura.
The Sakura ruins of a castle park leaves the feature of the castles such as Mizubori, fieldwork, the castle tower.
It is enjoyed as a famous spot of cherry tree in spring by many people.

A command of Ieyasu Tokugawa was received in 1610 (Keicho 15), and Toshikatsu Doi who became Sakura feudal lord spent seven years and built the Sakura castle.
In the Sakura Castle, most of Sakura feudal lords got an important post of the Edo Shogunate for the strategic point place in military affairs to protect the east of Edo-jo Castle.

There is a samurai residence leaving a feature of castle town Sakura in now.
Three houses of a person of old riverbank, former Tajima house, the old Takeis are released and can learn the living of the samurai at the time now.

In addition, Sakura has two display facilities to be able to enjoy slowly.
The National Museum of Japanese History got close to by a nickname of "National Museum of Japanese History" (れきはく) is a history folk museum of Yuichi in Japan to explain using a real thing document or a precision copy, restoration about the Japanese history and folk before the beginning, the ancient times reaching it in the present age.
A national treasure, a lot of valuable documents including the important cultural property are stored, and a various plans exhibition is held.

It was opened at the place that was next to the research institute of Sakura-shi, Chiba in May, 1990 to release the artworks which DIC Corporation collected with associated group companies.
The beautiful natural environments that various collection mainly on the art, a building aiming at the making of space appropriate for the display work, a seasonal change can enjoy in the 20th century.
As the art museum which harmonized three elements of these "works" "building" "Nature", it is got close to many people.

How still about mentioning the history and culture to breathe?

National Museum of Japanese History

Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

Sakura-shi tourist association homepage (External link)

 Port town ... which was brought up by a rich blessing of the Choshi (a butterfly is done) - Kuroshio Current

Blessed with a warm climate and rich Nature, soy sauce brewing to support Choshi fishing port proud of quantity of best unloading in Japan and Japanese food culture is prosperous.
犬吠崎灯台 and screen ヶ 浦, the superb view spots including 犬吠崎温泉 are varied, too.

The Choshi fishing port becomes the general fishery base of the national eminent fishing ground, fisheries, processing, distribution, and various fishing boats gather from whole country each place.

There are many restaurants using the fresh seafood in Choshi, and the kind of a cooking method and the handled fish varies.

The humidity retention effect is high, and a lot of hotels having Outdoor baths and a large communal bath overlooking the Pacific in the Inubosaki hot-spring village that is the easternmost tip of Kanto are popular with for mineral of the sea-rich the spring qualities.

choshi1.jpg choshi2.jpg

 Choshi-shi tourist association homepage (External link)

Japanese inheritance authorization ... north total four city Edo travelogue, north total の cityscape ... to feel Edo

The story "north total four city Edo travelogue, north total の cityscape which felt Edo" which assumed Narita-shi, Chiba, Sakura-shi, Katori-shi, Choshi-shi the stage received the authorization of the Japan inheritance toward Tokyo Olympics Paralympics holding in 2020.

It was next to megacity Edo, and the Chiba north total area supplied the product of the eastern country to Edo using the way which continued in transportation by water and Edo that developed by 利根川東遷 against a backdrop of Kanto plains and the Pacific of the rich fishing ground and supported a living and economy of Edo.
Narita, Monzen-cho of the Mt. Narita, Sakura of the castle town, the bank of a river of the Tone transportation by water, Sahara of the starting point of the approach to a shrine of the Katori major shrine, a fishing port, a port town and four cities where there was a characteristic called Choshi full of tourists of the beach circulation developed by adopting Edo culture while I did it this way.

While there are still cityscape and the scenery that came in the suburbs of remainder, Tokyo, in these four cities, the Edo general public can sense Edo emotion bodily, too.
From this, these near cities may be called nearest "Edo" from the world from Narita Airport.

North total の cityscape - Sakura, Chiba, Narita, Sahara, Choshi (External link) to feel inheritance north total four city Edo travelogue - Edo of Japan





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