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Walnut lower coffee shop


I take a short break with the sweetness that 03 is kind to

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ぜんざい 500 yen (tax-included)

The slope of the approach to a shrine is gone down, and Tanakaya Head Office of the souvenir shop will be seen in front of terminal, Hiroe society (こうけいかい) Parking.
The shop which was added there becomes the walnut lower coffee shop.
It is the cafe which can take a short break when I was tired of walking.
There are a seat at a table and a room, and, in the atmosphere that is Japanese modern, it is in the shop to be able to enjoy the gallery where a gathered picture is decorated with a thing, the hobby that father and the relative of the storekeeper described.

It is finished in gentle sweetness not to spoil the taste of the adzuki bean using ぜんざいは "きたろまん" from Tokachi, Hokkaido.
Please have it while making shiso roll chili pepper sold in Souvenirs space a side dish served between the main courses.

Cream Anmitsu and the walnut white ball are popular, too.

It is a word from a shop

tanakayahonten_3.jpgThe space where can be taken a rest relaxedly is provided.
In addition to the gallery, please enjoy the seasonal expression of the courtyard.







Store introduction


Sweetness cafe walnut lower coffee shop

[address] 286-0026 332, Honcho, Narita-shi
[phone number] 0476-22-0046
[business hours] From 10:00 to 16:00 no fixed holiday
[homepage] (External link)

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