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Narita Yanagiya Honten

Is refined, and sweetness is modest 10, a well-established Japanese confectionery

567 yen (tax-included) with six willow rice cakes

The original new cake of high quality "willow rice cake" which it is founded in 1897, and the long-established store of the Narita approach to a shrine provides.

It is the discerning cake which fully makes use of a flavor in the traditional manufacturing method, and was prepared the carefully selected material into carefully.

As for the bean jam, it is handcrafted one by the craftsman who was an expert of each. The sweetness that uses 100% of adzuki beans from Hokkaido, and is smooth, and is refined. The rice cake is like the white ball, and a texture and the flavor with the waist are particular.

Many cakes assemble in full force mainly on yokan. The traditional chestnut steamed adzuki-bean jelly is recommended.

It is a word from a shop

The Narita Yanagiya Honten is founded in the Meiji era and continues cooking yokan without changing as a long-established store of the Naritasan Omotesando Street. As for the yokan that a craftsman kneads the materials which selected carefully by the same traditional manufacturing method slowly and carefully since its formation, a flavor is particular. Please appreciate the taste of the Narita Yanagiya Honten tradition.

Store introduction

Narita Yanagiya Honten

[address] 〒 286-0032 560-1, Kamicho, Narita-shi
[phone number] 0476-22-2136
[business hours] From 9:00 to 17:00
[homepage] (External link)

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