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Narita HUMAX Cinemas IMAX

It is the latest entertainment spot of the topic in the public where movie theater adjacent to AEON MALL Narita, Hugh max pavilion Narita come over to the customer out of Chiba one after another in the Narita HUMAX Cinemas IMAX® digital theater to add.

The best space that Canadian IMAX Corporation makes full use of the latest technology and brought about spreads out.
"There is a movie theater more than the imagination." According to the catch phrase! All the picture, the sound, the space, the works introduce a movie theater of the highest standard.


Sense a picture, sound of the force bodily!

The screen that the wrong number of digits is huge as for the biggest charm with the conventional movie theater. I am fascinated by the size.
From the step to a ceiling, the front of the theater, wall one side are screen.
When a person stands before screen as it is too big, I become small so.
To be able to see the movie with so big screen! What happens? Expectation increases.

Well! I finally show, and I start.
Welcome! To the world projected by the screen of the vast panorama opening all over the view!
I become the sense that I seemed to totally get into in a movie.
If stretch out a hand, is very near; a longed-for star! The monster which moves it unintentionally, and bends!
All of you becomes the main character of the work and may sense the world of the story that the supervisor made up bodily.

Recommending in particular it is 3D work!
A sense of reality that all of pictures stands out against in front can be tasted.
It will be to feel this world that all of you see and sense of distance and depth of the similar sense now.
The action movie developed in the world is the already best.
I fly on the run together, and I run at full speed in the town by a cool vehicle ♪ Oh! It is dangerous in this! It was safe.
It is simulated experience in the fictional world that cannot actually experience this! Oh, is it the screening end now? It is over in no time.
2,100 yen flat in the theater normal as for the general rate of the 3D work.
I top the offered figure, and another 200 yen is really advantageous to be able to see 3D in IMAX digital theater of the extra-large screen ♪ I think of this.

Even 2D work feels the depth that cannot be felt in the normal theater.
The vividness of the image is admired! I am drawn realistically beautifully until a picture jumping into your eyes passes to the details of the expression. The same work was seen in IMAX digital theater and a normal theater, but an image was clear, and there was depth in a color and was beautiful so as to be incomparable.
The beauty of the color that a supervisor is particular and made up may be fully enjoyed.

Welcome! To a bodily sensation type movie theater!

Clear sound arrives at all the theater seats.

And it is sound not to be able to miss in enjoying a movie.
Even if all of you sit down on any seat in the theater as for the IMAX original sound system proud of the output more than 12,000 watts to, clear sound is sent.

重低音 which echoes in 五臓六附.
Please feel dynamic sound with a body.

The sense of distance of the sound can be felt as well as a picture, too, and a sense of reality increases. In the scene where I approach, and I come to, the effect of the sound is combined, too and gets goose bumps.
The real sound gives the expression that is rich in the finest picture and will be to shake your heart.

An artist seems to sing the played music in front!
It may be enjoyed by a live sense. It is a waste to leave because the main story was over!
Please enjoy the music to play in end roll with paste paste!

A movie experience to stimulate your sensitivity! The Narita HUMAX Cinemas IMAX digital theater which continues evolving for an entertainment attraction across a movie no.
A topic product of Hollywood is released more and more.
If open a door; there is the world of the story. What kind of adventure will be waiting today?
Well! It is a dive in the world of the movie! Please enjoy an unprecedented bodily sensation type movie!

I come back to the top of the page


Relaxing space is directed

The IMAX digital theater has good best environment to enjoy a movie by all of you.
Recommended one includes the seat which is relaxed, and can enjoy a movie.
As for the name that can feel a gorgeous atmosphere "a premium sky sheet!"
I relax, and a movie can be enjoyed to have an upgrading sheet of the plane sit down.

It is more comfortable than the seat of the conventional theater and is very soft and fluffy and is a sense to fit a body.

Can do the adjustment that nice one reclines above all!
It was able to be seen for a comfortable posture comfortably without being able to put the whole huge screen in the view without a place to leave over when it was defeated slightly behind, and a neck and the waist being tired.

If say a movie; popcorn! Is me of the dumpling than a flower how, but is a hot dog to a drink and popcorn! It is one of the pleasure to see the movie while eating equal など, a snack♪
... which puts it in the tray, but is always in trouble in the place for this tray.
By trouble, I eat hurriedly, and it will not be done that I have in a movie either. As it is hesitated to put it on the floor, it is held after all, but this is slightly troublesome.

As a premium sky sheet has an exclusive side table, it is very convenient.
A drink and a snack are put to the side table, and it can be enjoyed slowly although having it.

Sweets and the drink of the Narita HUMAX Cinemas original are substantial, too.
The place where it is glad that a menu changes by a season that there is the alcohol.
Please spend the finest time with a premium sky sheet while drinking mellow beer.
The comfortable space can be sensed bodily for +500 yen. As it is the limited seat only for 11 seats, to hasten it!

Comfortable comfort. A relaxation feeling is enjoyed.

It is toasted with a favorite drink♪

I come back to the top of the page


It is the first among Japan with the reliable structure alone ridge!

The Narita HUMAX Cinemas IMAX digital theater was introduced into the reinforcing rod 3-story building built adjacent to Narita HUMAX Cinemas.
The building becomes relief, the safe structure for the earthquakes with a square cube type.

The IMAX digital theater with the ridge is the first among Japan alone.
The number of the seats is 471 seats. An exclusive lobby is established to be able to spend a cozy time relaxedly.
There is a sofa, and the picture of the preview of a product and the exhibited work flows through the lobby on the next time.

The place where it is nice that there is the rental of blanket! It is a very comfortable soft and fluffy blanket.
It will be what is pleased with very much by the customer of the woman.
As there is the restroom close to a theater, it is very convenient! The warm attention is felt.
Please enjoy a movie in comfortable space.

I relax in an exclusive lobby.

The latest information is checked!

Nice blanket♪

IMAX appreciation rate

  2D 3D
The public 2,000 yen 2,300 yen
University student 1,700 yen 2,000 yen
High school student 1,300 yen 1,600 yen
Average, primary schoolchild 1,200 yen 1,500 yen
Infant (3 years old or older) 1,200 yen 1,500 yen
Senior (60 years old or older) 1,300 yen 1,600 yen
Handicap 1,300 yen 1,600 yen
Premium sky sheet 2,500 yen 2,800 yen


Narita HUMAX Cinemas

TEL: 0476-20-2371 (24 hours tape guidance)

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