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Naritasan Omotesando Street

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Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of prayer visitors in the old days

Omotesando that lasts about 800m in front of Narita Station. It prospers as a temple town from the Edo era, and remains at the time are still left.
A restaurant and souvenirs shop 150 or more along the approach to a shrine in a row! Let's fully enjoy selection of Food and drink and Souvenirs including specialty Freshwater eel dishes.


Naritasan Omotesando Street map


The area where charm of Narita where international atmosphere fused with Japanese traditions coexists.

Orderly cityscape is attractive. In the well-known store of sweets known as standard of the Naritasan souvenir.

A town full of the vigor that well-established Japanese inns and Freshwater eel restaurants stand in a row and do not change from the Edo era.

A last arrival point of Omotesando where an outer gate connecting Naritasan and the temple town rises.


The highlight pickup

  • The visit to Narita starts from here

    The entrance of Omotesando is in front of Narita Station, and the monument that the statue of the Kabuki actor is built becomes the mark. (/Hanasaki-cho neighborhood in front of the JR Narita Station)

  • Japanese and Western sweets are thoroughly enjoyed!

    From yokan informing it as standard of the Naritasan souvenir, a handmade dumpling, shops of the Japanese-Western style sweets pride including the pancake line up. (Ueno neighborhood)

  • Dispatch base "Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion)" of the sightseeing information

    A dispatch base of history and the sightseeing information of Narita where the appearance in Japanese storehouse style gets a lot of looks. (Nakacho, Saiwaicho neighborhood)

  • Naritasan outer gate

    An outer gate made with a total zelkova showing the solemn appearance as a central station of 新勝寺. (this town, Tamachi neighborhood/door front open space)


Narita City Tourism guidebook


It is the tour guide book which is full of the Omotesando map which the highlight of Omotesando understands at first sight and an introduction of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, information of the food culture only in Narita.
Each language brochure PDF can be downloaded.

Narita city X Kabuki Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and deep edge of the Danjuro Ichikawas



The Naritasan Shinshoji Temple marries the Danjuro Ichikawas known for a name of "the Narita-ya" in a bond of the Naritasan God of Fire faith since the Edo Genroku era, and the Muneie Ichikawa school visits it in Naritasan every turning point. After Kabuki actor first generation Danjuro who won popularity in the Edo era not being blessed with children, and praying the Naritasan which I believed in since ancestors, a long-awaited child (second generation Danjuro) was given. After first Danjuro being pleased with this miracle very much, and staging Kabuki concerning the Narita God of Fire, the play is a big success. Taking this occasion, the name of "the Narita-ya" came to be used. By achievement of Danjuro, Fudo Narita was widely known to many people, and Naritasan prayer spread out among Edo general public. When a string removes history, there is a story to feel the Danjuro Ichikawas and depth of the relationship with the Naritasan a lot, and there is the ground of the connection around the Naritasan.

There are a monument and the shop sign which assumed Kabuki a motif in Naritasan Omotesando Street. A Kabuki point will be found while enjoying walk♪ 

Map (External link) in the Narita city X Kabuki homepage
The town of Kabuki Naritasan Omotesando Street map (PDF: 2,367KB)

This city was visited in Naritasan open basis 1,070 anniversary memory event and 結婚奉告, and, in the Narita city, Danjuro Ichikawa was appointed "a Narita city guide" for the familiar thirteenth generation. Through Danjuro taking the traditional arts, culture succession of Japan, charm of Narita is sent.

Narita city X Kabuki homepage (External link)

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