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Nakacho, Saiwaicho neighborhood

Area to introduce the history and culture of the Edo era into in now

It is this neighborhood to remind of the Edo era when Japanese inns showed the reasonable turnout as a town receiving a traveler of the Narita visiting a shrine. It is tasteful in traditional cityscape and the slope of the character of the "ku" to continue gently. It is the area that overflowed in the vigor that the wooden 3-story buildings which there is a personality stand in a row, and many worshipers come and go.

Hospitality dishes "Freshwater eel" of Narita

A Narita Yamana thing is Freshwater eel. I am provided as hospitality cooking to a prayer visitor from the Edo era, and approximately 60 stores take in Freshwater eel dishes on a menu even now. Above all, a well-known store links the eaves in this area, and the scene dealing with Freshwater eel at store becomes the specialty of approach to a shrine.

Dispatch base "Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion)" of the sightseeing information

The Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion) that the appearance in Japanese storehouse style gets a lot of looks. At a dispatch base of the history and the sightseeing information of Narita, there are the display corners such as the delicateness of a festival car and "the Odori Hanami Dance" of the luxurious "Narita Gion Festival". In addition, for the customer from foreign country, the plan Events of the Japanese culture introduction is held, too.

Recommended point

Sum Miscellaneous goods of the nature material which a craftsman handcrafts

The shop where "the Fujikura store" where Omotesando is along keeps in bamboo work, woodwork, practical use Miscellaneous goods 3,000 points using the traditional natural material including the canework. It is recommended to take in as an accent of interior and the fashion.

The Cultural properties building that an observation tower gets a lot of looks is observed

The one day permanent building of the observation tower (observation deck) getting a lot of looks conspicuously on an approach to a shrine. In "great cottage in the field trip Tachi founded in the middle of Edo era," it is open now as a restaurant, Pickles shop. The current building was built in 1935, and is the registration tangible cultural property of the country. There are a 114-mat large hall or noh stage, and there is the visit course of with meal, too.

Stylish sweetness cafe in the depths of the alley

The stylish cafe which Matcha and sweetness can have on the depths of the opposite souvenir shop of the Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion)! The recommendation is cream Anmitsu. There is the terrace seat and, in a quiet garden with bamboo forest as a back, can take a break.

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