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Honcho, Tamachi neighborhood / door front open space

Last arrival point of Omotesando where an outer gate rises highly

When the slope is gone down from Nakacho, I catch sight of the Narita mountain outer gate which finally becomes the last arrival point of Omotesando. The place where the prayer visitor who holds each thought from various places, and visits the Mt. Narita is put together with one is this outer gate. A prayer visitor comes and goes consistently, and this neighborhood does well very much in a prayer month of September in weekend and January, May.

Mt. Narita outer gate

An outer gate made with a total zelkova showing the solemn appearance as a central station of 新勝寺. It was done 落慶 for "Mt. Narita open basis 1070 anniversary memory size exhibiting a Buddhist image" carried out in 2008 in total, and serves to tie Narita mountain and a temple town. There is a door front open space before the outer gate and becomes the place of recreation and relaxation for prayer visitor.

Volunteer guide

A reservation of the Volunteer guide having show around the precincts of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple free in the Narita Yamashin mischief hall facing the door front open space is accepted. The deep charm of 新勝寺 can be touched by rotating with the specialized guide who knew everything about Mt. Narita to the every corner.

Recommended point

The coffee which has just finished sawing it of the self roast in in front of outer gate

In "HOUEI COFFEE in front of Mt. Narita outer gate," self roasts the coffee beans which selected carefully, and it is sawed, and stand and provide freshly brewed coffee. Other than the blended coffee which a bean is exchanged with every day in rotation, the caffe latte with full of the milk is recommended, too.

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