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Sakataga-ike Park

Sakataga-ike Park
It is the citizen's oasis that can get close to the rich Nature and water which it is in the place of 1km from JR Narita Line Shimousa-Manzaki Station to the north, and are united with the Chiba Prefectural Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura (Boso Village) who is next to the north side around Sakata ヶ pond having the surface of the water of approximately 5ha.
In the park, there are playground equipment and barbecue ground and Campsites, and there is turnout in many people in the season for outings. Above all, the jumbo slider who is 78m in total length is popular. Do not forget corrugated cardboard to keep on a short leash!

There is a convenience store in the outskirts, and there is a vending machine in the garden. In addition, a restroom and the Parking are installed enough.


Sakataga-ike Park

The Sakataga-ike Park is next to the Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura (Boso Village) in a very large park of approximately 17ha to surround around Sakata ヶ pond blessed with rich Nature. It is an oasis to be able to enjoy from an adult to a child in the park which is full of water and green.

In the open space of the deep-blue green lawn, there are a lot of children running around well. Ball play and badminton, Frisbee are thrown, and let's move a body with favorite goods. Nut, and do オママゴト, and make drawing using fallen leaves; and ... The imagination of children increases in Nature and will be to find the play only by the child. A lunch is opened under the blue sky, and it seems to be pleasant to go on a picnic leisurely.

In the park, there is the playground equipment which children love. The athletic ground mini-athletic of the forest among rich trees is a place of the adventure of children! Above all, a certain jumbo slider attracts 78m in total length. The cheers of children to slide down in trees filled with greenery breezily are heard. Do not forget corrugated cardboard to keep on a short leash!

In the garden, there is Campsites (require reservation), and 28 places of sites and cooking ridge are installed. It is a good place to enjoy a barbecue. As, near the Campsites, subParking is established, as for the carrying around of the baggage easily.
The fresh vegetables which a sale place of direct marketing vegetables is several cases, or there is it and a local farmhouse loads it with great deal of effort on a holiday and made are sold to the neighborhood of the management ridge.


As I am blessed with rich water, the fishing can be enjoyed. A fishing line is hung down relaxedly while enjoying a green of trees and pond side to glitter, and leisurely time is over. A carp and a crucian carp and a deepbodied crucian carp seem to be able to be caught. As "a fishing area" is established, please enjoy fishing in an appointed area.

By a pond full of water fluently is an oasis of waterfowls. The figure that a crowd of easy marks rests a feather is seen in winter.

In the garden, various flowers can be admired depending on a season. There is a promenade in the circumference of the pond. Sunshine filtering through foliage to point to from between trees is felt to be, and please take a walk while enjoying the touch of the soft soil which a tip was able to scold. Discover an autumn flower, and fallen leaves nut and. The seasonal color for all of you is felt, and please enjoy a holiday in the Sakataga-ike Park.



Park map


Plum of the single tooth

The old tale concerning Lake Imba, the Sakata ヶ pond is still handed down.
The male large snake which lived in the Sakata ヶ pond in the old days went to meet a female large snake of Naganuma across an embankment when it was every year in the rainy season. The embankment which protected the degree, field and house seems to have collapsed. The villagers heard that human sacrifice should be put up to prevent an embankment from collapsing. As the woman who carried a child on her back there happened to pass, it has been buried while thinking these parent and child to be poor. Thereafter the embankment ceased to collapse, and the villages seemed to be saved. However, Umenoki grew on the embankment of the place filled all too soon. However, it came to be called the plum of the single tooth because the plum had only half of the fruits. I am informed by the plum which a child is half biting when I was buried Umenoki when I grew. I am still left as an ume tree trace of the single tooth.


  • It is a 15-minute walk from JR Shimousa-Manzaki Station

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