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Sogo Reido Sanctuary

Sogo Reido Sanctuary

The Sogo Reido Sanctuary is known as 御待夜祭 and a hydrangea famous place on first Saturday and Sunday in an old historic temple got close to in the name of Sogo in September. The open basis is old, and it is said that it was erected for a war dead memorial service when commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians, Tamuramaro Sakanoueno subjugated Boso in the times of the Emperor Kanmu.

鳴鐘山東勝寺 is called definitely. It is thought whether 新勝寺 occurs earlier speaking of Narita, but this name is touched in 新勝寺 in the meaning called the temple which is newer than 東勝寺.

Deva gate The Sogo Reido Sanctuary precincts

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Citizen of justice Sogo, Sakura biography

In the early period of Edo era, the times of 4s general Ietsuna Tokugawa, it will be approximately 360 years ago now.

Village headmans of six Kiuchi Sogorou (Sogo, Sakura) and others accused the distress of the farmer at the Shogunate to save a bad crop and the farmers who beat, and followed who suffered from a severe heavy tax.

However, the complaint is not received, and Kiuchi Sogorou carries out the direct appeal to a forbidden general in those days.

The heavy tax that tormented farmers was reviewed by this direct appeal, and the wish of villages was granted, but, in Sogorou being executed, even a family of Sogorou became a target and was sentenced to punishment to young child and others on August 3, 1653 (Joo 2). It was right life-threatening direct appeal.

Then, 100 years later, the Sakura feudal clan repented of the misgovernment in 1752 (Horeki 2) and restored honor of Kiuchi Sogorou, and a posthumous Buddhist name (しごう) did the posthumous Buddhist name of "the Sogo way retired life person" and thereafter came to be called "Sogo".

As the temple where citizen of justice of the Edo era, Sogo Sakura is enshrined now, believers of the whole country come for worship.

Sogo cemetery Biography building

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Hydrangea garden

Various hydrangeas including Hydrangea macrophylla, the Hakuyou hydrangea are planted in the precincts spreading out in the Sogo Reido Sanctuary Omoto temple back including a convention hydrangea.

Hakuyou hydrangea is put on Sogo Reido Sanctuary more than 1,000 stocks and there are few places where only this is seen in with much Hakuyou hydrangeas and pleases the eyes of the tourist. I plant a tree little by little, and the hydrangea of 5,500 is planted now.
In 2002, the Kankuro Nakamura length (existing Kanzaburo length) of the Kabuki actor performed hydrangea tree planting. This is a thing by "a citizen of Sakura justice biography" having been staged in commemoration of Sogo soul 350 anniversary in Kabuki-Za.

Local people, company, group everybody give cooperation to me to let a beautiful hydrangea bloom and perform a flowering sprout knob and the mowing of the hydrangea.

In addition, the tip of the chip of wood by the Narita International Airport donation is spread in the hydrangea garden to enjoy a hydrangea comfortably on the rainy day.

Hydrangea Festival is performed every year in June.

Hydrangea garden Hydrangea Festival


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