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Hydrangea, Oka Erina rhinoceros

A hydrangea of the playing with a ball hitting with the hand type that is generally got close to to all of you is a Western hydrangea. The West and the name run out, but Hydrangea macrophylla growing wild on the Pacific side of Japan is done with a progenitor.

The history as the appreciation is old, and Manyoshu edited in the Nara era has a song composed on a hydrangea. The Japanese hydrangeas which were brought up as a garden variety flourishingly in Japan in the Kamakura era, and already became the general garden plant in the Edo era.

Foreign countries do not have the wild animal class, and I am sent to Europe late in the Edo era by hands such as Siebold, and I am improved to a more greatly colorful flower by Westerners liking gorgeous flowers. Afterwards, I was reimported by Japan, and it came to be got close in the name called the Western hydrangea.