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Hydrangea to look at in a classic

To Manyoshu which is the Japanese oldest songbook, a song composed on a hydrangea has two.

Even as for 言問 はぬ tree, a taste narrow indigo plant (あぢさい) younger brothers (もろと) are village door (with an irregularity) にあざむかえけり of the kneading on fire

Even the tree which does not mean a lot can be shown like a hydrangea colorfully. It is that I have been completely deceived for the good words of the younger brothers who can speak words further. It is a meaning to say this. Yakamochi Otomono a thing is one of the song which gave Ooiratsume Sakanoueno whom rice cake) invites as a wife later.

As Moroe Tachibanano wrote another song,

思 is received while looking at the guy charges にをいませわが elder brother as if あぢさいの eight folds bloom (しのはむ)

Please prosper forever so that the hydrangea blooms to Yae. It is loved while looking at you, and looking up. Mean.

In addition, after the Heian era, the song of the hydrangea which various poets wrote is left.

Body ともがな where, as it were, the shadow breaks the あぢさいの flower のよひらにもる moon
(俊頼 "useless timber strangeness songbook")

The moonlight that leaked in a bush reflects on the aspect of the pond like four ひらの hydrangeas. As it were, the shadow is taken in an occasion. Mean.

It is ... besides

It is finished, and the moon is kicked for the もなほ feeling はつきぬあぢさいのよひらの dew in the summer
(Toshinari Fujiwara "1500th tanka game")

With ふかとぞ of the number of firefly をば four ひらの gathering to the あぢさいの inferior lobe is seen
(Sadaie Fujiwara)

In this way, various songs are written. It is shown that a hydrangea is the flower which has been got close to to Japanese for a long time.