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Flower of the romance to bloom in Nagasaki

Germany-born medical scientist Siebold leaves an achievement as a botanist. It is 1823 (Bunsei 6) that I came to Japan. I arrived at a Netherlands firm in Dejima of Nagasaki as a doctor. The Narutaki cram school was opened in 長崎効外, and I worked hard at medicine and the animals and plants studies, the Japanology of various fields with pupils. I meet Japanese woman "Taki", and I am bound together, and Siebold is given only daughter rice before long.

"オタクサ" and the touched story are famous for the name of the woman loving it in the scientific name of the hydrangea of a certain Japanese progenitor in a Japanese flora. This hydrangea is the hydrangea which a flower is more small-sized than a Western hydrangea, and is pretty. It is pretty, and the state to bloom harks back to the beauty of the graceful Japanese woman modestly.

Siebold whom term in Japan was expired, and temporary homecoming was decided on. It is found out to have possessed the thing that an overseas carrying out is prohibited from a ship and is ousted overseas.

Siebold left the most of savings in dread of rice with Taki in Japan. It is said that there was the exchange of a letter and the present among couples after returning home. It was about 30 years later when Japan opened a country that three people achieved a long-cherished reencounter.