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Narita Airport Walking Festival

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From May 19, 2018 to May 20, 2018

A holding place: In Narita-shi and Shibayama-machi

I last for two days on Sunday on Saturday, May 19, 2018, 20th to fully enjoy paths of Narita of the early summer when young leaves grow thick, and march (External link) is held on the seventh Narita airport two day.


ススメ of the walking

Do all of you walk routinely?
There is pushing of the recent health boom, and all of you enjoying that I walk as one of the hobbies may come.
The walking is aerobic exercise using the muscle of the whole body. Lack of exercise can be relieved without putting a burden on a body, and, from age to a child, exercise can be enjoyed at your pace casually.

It is attractive one of the walking to enjoy scenery to drift.
When a season without usually noticing is felt, and the change of the town overlooked casually is discovered in a wild flower blooming on the roadside, it is often healed a heart and will feel charm of a change and the rediscovery at time.
It has various discovery to walk the town not to know, and ワクワク and a heart are excited.
Will it be that together? Of the interesting potato found it! I walk happily while talking about this this and that. It may be carried out activity that mind and body are had good together.

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Charm of the Narita walk

Narita shows the turnout in many customers such as the Narita mountain which Narita Airport which is an air gateway and 10 million a year tourists visit, an ion shopping mall, but it may be said that it is big charm that rich Nature can meet idyllic scenery to open when the city area is left a little.

When see it around Narita Station, Narita International Airport is Lake Imba in village Shibayama-machi, the west of the garden in the east direction.
The Nature of the village forest opens around a tourist attraction and can enjoy walking.
In the Narita airport two D March, there are various courses of the courses that are, can sense the course that can enjoy rich Nature around the Narita city and the airplane which is wrapped to be fragrant, and flies away from Narita Airport from between a grove of the Nature bodily, and, around unknown Narita, a charm spot of the Narita Airport area, a course is set.

Monzen-cho that feels the history

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

A popular spot of Narita!
Sakura No Yama Park

Let's enjoy a taking off and landing scene of the plane of Riki Osako.

I walk in the Nature which is full of green.

I walk in a quiet rural scenery refreshingly.

Shibayama Niouson

Welcome! A clay image is met♪

A body is moved, and I am refreshed!

And the behavior such as watermelons of delicious Narita is carried out for all of you who had participate.
Suica which is fresh and young, and is refreshing, and is sweet is just right for hydration and cool-down and has a favorable reception very much.
In addition, popular mini-yokan is presented as a novelty as Narita souvenir. Eat and power are over sweets.
I prepare for various types of hospitality that the volunteer staff heals fatigue of participant in solidarity, and your coming is looked forward to.

Cream watermelon
The Narita city is a nationwide production center.

A heart softens in a warm feeling.

Refresh time♪
Smiles overflow.

The Narita airport two D march that can enjoy a tourist attraction and Nature together.
The green of the tree is kind to eyes, and a feeling calms down, and an anion is included in the atmosphere of the forest, and beautiful air rises.
The waterside is healed, and it is spotted. Feel comfort of the solar light to glitter on lightness, the surface of the water of the sound of water flowing quickly.
There seems to be a relaxation effect just to walk the forest and the waterside where there are many trees.

The date is a month on early summer 5. A rice field to be full of water fluently, and to glitter. The tree which sprouts, and is, and drags bathes in the light on the day and shines, and area one side is wrapped in bright green.
Walking while the Nature of the village forest where the fresh green is dazzling is enjoyed may be thoroughly enjoyed while comfortable wind is fragrant.

A cream watermelon is presented by mail to the person who stays at the designated facilities in the Narita airport two D March, and participated.
In addition, the advantageous coupon which can be used at a store targeted for Narita, Shibayama is distributed to participants.

Is charm of new Narita not discovered by all means at this opportunity?

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I participate by the use of LCC casually!

A lot of domestic airlines go into service recently, too, and, in Narita Airport, an image is greatly changing in addition to a past international airline.

A service city and number of service to bind Narita together by the service of LCC increased drastically, and convenience improved.
In Narita Airport, an airplane goes into service to the domestic 18 city. (as of February, 2018)

I became able to move to domestic each place & cheaply early, and the domestic travel of the airplane became familiar at all.
City がぐん which began to be recognized in not only the metropolitan area but also the service city saying "it is an airplane to Narita", and was a far-off town so far! It became near in this.

Narita Airport which is connected to domestic each place as well as an international airline.
A surprising price of area "one way several thousand yen" between one ward of domestic airline sells LCC featuring inexpensiveness.
The airplane which was a high-quality vehicle came to be able to be used for a long-distance bus sense easily.

In the Narita city, the customers from Hokkaido and Kyushu increase and have of the whole country feel charm of sightseeing in Narita including the temple town where Naritasan Shinshoji Temple to boast of the history more than 1,070 years to, warm people invite you to.

You have participation by all means in two D March at this opportunity, and the taking off and landing scene of the powerful plane and village forest scenery in early summer are enjoyed, and please enjoy walking while taste of the Naritasan Omotesando Street is felt.

In addition, around Narita Airport, a lot of hotels of the international class are located and provide first-class service as an airport resort hotel.
As I can stay at the reasonable price in the room more spacious than a hotel in Tokyo, it is attractive at all.
As the access to the Tokyo tourist attractions such as the downtown area and Tokyo Disney Resort, the Skytree is good, as a stay base to sightseeing in metropolitan area and neighborhood, the Accommodation in the Narita city is used to many of you.
After having been refreshed by walking, I become getting along slowly at a hotel, and how?

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Interchange with participants

Enjoy the Nature of the village forest!

ながら walking is said, and it is said to be speed suitable for walking to walk at a pace while I talk.
Walking while, the chattering of the participant are enjoyed in the atmosphere that was refreshed while I am keenly aware of breath of the Nature and am wrapped in fresh air.
If a talk bounds, the smile bounds, too, and time will pass in no time.
Through a hobby, a new walking companion is found and. There may be once-in-a-lifetime chance, a wonderful encounter.

A friend and a family, please participate in Narita airport two D march with your friends.

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Course information, participation application

A 2-day course is introduced in detail
It is this about a participation application

(External link)

Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 visit every day which is not a simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in old days


Narita holds various Events throughout the year

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