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Narita airport Christmas festival 2017

"Christmas festival" is held this year in Narita Airport.

In a venue, it is a concert of the jazz, the various contents including the lottery annual every year commencing with hero show and "May J." Christmas live.

In addition, the venue where the Christmas trees that a child going to the local nursery schools and people working in an airline, an airport decorated the ornament of one one hard line is wrapped in an atmosphere on early Christmas in a second.

At the refreshment stand which forms a line crowdedly to surround the venue, it is the contents which not only the atmosphere including delicious ingredients of the Narita Airport area but also the stomach is satisfied with.

After the main tree lighting type after the sunset, a live is held on Christmas by "May J." which is famous for a Japan version theme song of the open Disney movie "Frozen" in 2014, and the Events invites a climax.

Christmas festival only in Narita Airport which it is fun, and is romantic, and is heartwarming.
Would you like to become getting along in a family and a friend and lovers by all means?

On the date

Saturday, December 9, 2017 from 11:00 to 18:30 (※ opening 10:00)

Holding place

Central open space in front of the Narita International Airport second passenger terminal building

Main Events

  • "May J." Christmas live
  • "Space squadron キュウレンジャー" show
  • Branch by local groups
  • Lottery (External link)




Narita airport Christmas festival executive committee
Narita International Airport area symbiosis department symbiosis duties group
TEL: 0476-34-5858

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