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Narita Eel Festival

Festival to taste the Freshwater eel of the specialty of Narita happily deliciously

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From July 13, 2018 to August 26, 2018

A holding place: Naritasan Omotesando Street outskirts participation shop store

The Narita Eel Festival which it is put together every year in the day of the Ox on the summer Doyo, and is held.
The stamp rally which many stores of each site in Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple area shop participate in is held for 45 days of from Friday, July 13 to Sunday, August 26 in 2018.
How about enjoying visiting shops of various Narita in the summer while tasting Narita, and finding Souvenirs?

Application method of the Narita Eel Festival stamp rally

You eat in a participation shop, and buy it…Let's collect stamps

There is an application ticket to a lottery in the Narita Eel Festival stamp rally brochure distributed in each participation shop, Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion), Narita City Tourist Information Office.

In the case of a meal, purchase, stamp one seals it more than 1,000 yen in a participation shop during a Freshwater eel Festival period. Three stamps are collected, and please apply.

As I want various shops to rotate during a period, as for up to two sealing of the stamp, it becomes just to one piece of application ticket in 1 store.

If the stamp which had gather him in more than 2 stores becomes three, please fill in a matter necessary for an address, the name, TEL and a hope prize column to a stamp rally card (application ticket). At a store sealed with the third stamp, a stamp rally card is taken. Even Other, Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion) and the Narita City Tourist Information Office of the station square are taken.

Please fill in each item of the application ticket without forgetting it. Even in the case of election, in the case of non-entry, election is invalidated, and it is brought forward toward second, and I should be elected.

The result of the lottery will inform an elected candidate directly. A sponsor destroys the stamp rally card with responsibility after a lottery without using it other than "the Narita Eel Festival" about the personal information that had fill it out.

In addition, on the announcement of the elected candidate, please note that a full name and the living municipalities are published at the FEEL Narita page top.

A Narita Eel Festival Freshwater eel map is downloaded in 2018

※It is recommended that it is printed after "being highly precise", and making the print setting of the printer "a fine mode" when it is printed with an inkjet printer.

A luxurious prize is presented to an elected candidate

The lottery date is Thursday, September 20, 2018.

The result is published at the FEEL Narita page top, and an elected candidate will be informed directly.

Including an airline trip ticket of the A prize, many luxurious prizes are prepared. You are stirred up, and please apply!

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Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 visit every day which is not a simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in old days


Narita holds various Events throughout the year

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