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Sogo Reido Hydrangea Festival

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From June 09, 2019 to June 23, 2019

A holding place: Sogo Reido Sanctuary

State (photograph) of the Sogo Reido Hydrangea Festival

Let's enjoy a hydrangea in Sogo Reido Sanctuary

There is very large hydrangea garden counting 7,000 stocks in the Sogo Reido Sanctuary Omoto temple back.
Hydrangea macrophylla, various hydrangeas including the Hakuyou hydrangea are planted in this hydrangea garden including a convention hydrangea.

The scientific name of the hydrangea hydrangea (hydrangea) of the meaning called "a cruet."
It is right good to the name of the flower which is full of water in a rainy season, and blooms.
I make the flower that purplish red or the white are beautiful bloom from bluish violet in the rainy season from June through July.
The gradation of the color to change is very beautiful, and colorful flowers please our eyes.

Above all, a lot of Hakuyou hydrangeas are planted and become the famous spot of Hakuyou hydrangea now.

Having the leaf similar to the leaf of the oak, white petals gather, and the Hakuyou hydrangea touches a flower in the overflowing.
The flower like a kagura bell crest to use when a noh dance is danced swings gracefully as if a bell is sounded when touched by a raindrop.

Sunshine filtering through foliage to point to from between trees is felt to be, and the touch of the soft soil is enjoyed.
The time when an ease is given coming people goes by.
While I am wrapped in a flower and green, would I like to take a walk through the garden slowly?

Japanese disaster reconstruction aid 14th Sogo Reido Hydrangea Festival

On the date

From Sunday, June 2, 2019 to Sunday, June 23 from 10:00 to 15:00

※Various Events is held on a day in every day during a period

Traffic access

For more details, please see traffic guidance to Sogo Reido Sanctuary.
The FEEL Narita highlight "Sogo Reido Sanctuary" page map is this>>>


The "making of sightseeing spot by the hydrangea tree planting" executive committee secretariat
Narita City Tourism Association TEL 0476-22-2102

Tea party Concert

Sale of the hydrangea, sale of the Agricultural products, さつきの display, sale


Hydrangea this and that


  I circulate through Sogo Reido Temple area

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