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Naritasan Mitama Festival, Bon Dance Festival

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From August 23, 2018 to August 24, 2018

A holding place: Mt. Narita Hiroe Aida town Parking (Naritasan Shinshoji Temple side)

In the Naritasan Mitama Festival, Bon Dance Festival, it is colored light performance of the Narita citizen light music group, powerful drumbeat of the Fudo Narita drum, and the dancers who gathered in the venue in total surround two folds of towers with a triple ring. A dancer is many of you including women of the neighboring villages mainly on the local woman scheme, and the yukata look is beautiful, and the ring of the pretty dance opens.

Including the staff working at each airline and the family, you have participate in friends, and, in 2018, please participate in ANA JAL on Friday, August 24 on Thursday, August 23.

The rings of the smile to overflow to lively youth overflow to several folds and dance everybody happily at all.
In addition, staying many foreigners participate, and it may be said that a Bon festival dance meet to be able to enjoy as a culture place of exchange of each country is a scene only in international city Narita.

All of JAL

All of ANA

As for the children together♪

The history of this Naritasan Mitama Festival, Bon Dance Festival is old, and it does it by an opening that the first Bon festival dance meet was held in August, 1933 by sponsorship of "the new watches of the night society" of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

"参光協会" and the Narita Yamako Hokkaido assembly which are a forerunner of the general Narita City Tourism Association hold it as "Naritasan Mitama Festival, Bon Dance Festival" to hold a service for the spirit of a dead person of the war dead from about 1937 and continue afterwards in now.

Many of you who came gathers for sightseeing, and the Bon festival dance venue shows the turnout.
It is quite popular with children! The growl of the Narita City Tourism character appears, too! Let's dance with a growl.
In the time for break, a cake is distributed to children.

In addition, take a short break as distribute a round fan to all of meetings in a venue while fanning it between dances pitter-patter;, too, and dance it more;, too. The skyrocket goes up after 20:00, too. Let's enjoy summer night freely.

The Naritasan Mitama Festival, Bon Dance Festival which feels taste of the good old traditional Bon festival dance of Japan. Of course the participation by the free participation is welcome, too!
We come by way of enjoying the cool of the evening by all means, and let's make a pleasant summer memory together.

Let's dance with a growl♪

All ... is waiting♪

A heart is excited in a drumbeat color.

It is fun when I dance together.

The ring of the smile spreads.

With the good memory on the summer day


Thursday, August 23, 2018, 24th Friday
(it is postponed in case of rain on Saturday on 25th on both days)
From 19:00 to 21:30

On 23rd, a war dead memorial service and a first Bon service for the deceased apparition of a living person, the Buddhist memorial service of the ancestors memorial service are held from 19:00 by a priest of the Mt. Narita, and the Bon festival dance more is started.


Mt. Narita Hiroe Aida town Parking
(Naritasan Shinshoji Temple side)

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