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Fudo Oido Tea Ceremony

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From April 14, 2018 to April 29, 2018

A holding place: The Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten site, God of the Fire historic site garden


Origin of the Oido tea party

There is a God of the Fire historic site garden facing the factory when I go out of the entrance of the Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten through the shop.
Principal idol "King Akira Fudo image" of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple got close to is known to this garden for the name of the God of the Fire as a place done 遷座 approximately 400 years ago.
There is "the Garden of Fudo Deity" in the corner of the garden and is loved as miraculous water of people for more than 400 years.

There is the Mt. Narita after it is done 遷座 in public Tsu ヶ Hara in 940 (Tengyo 3) according to the source and was moved to the Shinmei mountain of Nakacho when the main hall of a Buddhist temple was rebuilt in the modern ground in 1566 (Eiroku 9), but there is the tradition that an Acala image was moved to in the place of this God of the Fire historic site garden before I am moved to Nakacho.

Mido was built, and the King Akira Fudo image was enshrined in 遷座当初公津 ヶ Hara, but it was the stage of much war, and the Buddhist monastery was affected, too, and the ground of Boso at the time has gradually gone to ruin. Therefore when you are left unattended, Saburo Morooka Court Security Office equal to the ancestor of the rice dealer founder Morooka length storehouse moves it in a mansion if I am sorry and will do it and be built and is informed by the place where I do not come to with King Akira Fudo image a temporary temple as it is when water drawn from the well was offered to the sacred image.

The well at the time has been filled up, but spring water springing out from the same water vein is drawn by a current well and continues protecting it as Garden of Fudo Deity in the rice dealers carefully. And yokan or a Japanese sweet have been made using this water since its formation.

This well water can be drawn freely. It is still famous clear water as the hometown which comes to draw water from people and the distant place expressly believing a legend comes.


A tea party is enjoyed

God of Fire of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is a God of the Fire historic site garden made 遷座 first, and how about one tea?
It is a tea party of the standing up and making a bow by the Omotesenke Narita city tea ceremony society.
As it is the tea party that I can participate in free, please participate at this opportunity.
In addition, a present of "the famous clear water drawn from Garden of Fudo Deity" is located within the one that had participate.


Date Husband Time Place
Saturday, April 14 Mr. whereabouts sect Mine From 10:00 to 15:00
(it is accepted, and I am finished as soon as the capacity is reached)

Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten
God of the Fire historic site garden

In a rainy day, it is Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten the second floor Narita lifelong learning
Citizen gallery

Sunday, April 15 Mr. Yao Muneyasu
Saturday, April 21 Flatter; Mr. Rei Chiso
Sunday, April 22 Mr. Munefumi Yazawa
Saturday, April 28 Mr. Munemitsu Kumagai
April 29 (celebration, Sunday) Mr. Morooka Munekiyo


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