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A hydrangea and rain are enjoyed



A hydrangea is enjoyed

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The hydrangea is a dwarf tree, outdoor planting, a growing plant of easily various ways of enjoying including cut flowers. For the property that I am strong and am easy to bring up very much, there may be much brought up at a home.

The type of the color is abundant, and the colorful hydrangea to make bloom is also called "succession of seven kinds of dancing" and is one that what turns the color of the flower by a property features it of the soil. It is said that the color of the flower is decided with quantity of included aluminum, and aluminum is taken in from the soil. A property opposite to the litmus paper seems to be had so that the color of the flower says red in blue, the alkaline soil in the acid soil.

Dwarf tree

According to the scientific name called hydrangea of the meaning called "a cruet", the hydrangea likes water very much. Attention is necessary in bringing you up not to run out of water. Water seems to be fully given 1 times in every day or two days.

The hydrangea of the dwarf tree popular as a present. I see potted hydrangeas being arranged by Hanaya when it is the time of the hydrangea.

Even if a potted plant is said to a word, a color and the form of the flower vary. I stay too long carelessly when I look in Hanaya with few intentions. After having enjoyed a flower, it is thought that the flower which will be beautiful next year can be enjoyed when outdoor planting is done as there is the worry of the root jamming.

Outdoor planting

It is felt that a hydrangea is often planted in the slant place when I go to the famous spot of so-called hydrangea and the said place. Water is loved, but, as for the hydrangea, some drainage seems to be important, too.

And sunshine filtering through foliage is preferred to direct rays of the sun. The hydrangea garden of the Sogo Reido Sanctuary in the shadow that big leaves grew thick is a just suitable place for hydrangea upbringing.

Hydrangeas are increased

Generally, "a cutting" is remembered as a method to gain hydrangeas. The young cheerful branch is chosen, and the place of a 2-3 turning point is cut with the pruning scissors with チョキッ from a tip of a leaf, and it is put in Kanuma soil. The current time to soak a flower at the time. If a root comes out, it seems to be planted in the favorite place in around September.

One one stock greatly grows up and transplants it if between a stock and a stock becomes narrow considerably. A branch is cut down as if not hurting a root so that nourishment is gone around, and the root is kept warm in humus.

As a root is unexpectedly big, and the division of the hydrangea grows up in the underground, it becomes the considerable heavy labor. When outdoor planting is done, it looks good room is kept between a stock and stocks beforehand if possible, and to plant.

The pruning

After having fully enjoyed a flower, with the thanks to a beautiful hydrangea made bloom and a feeling to "bloom next year", it is pruned.

In around July when a flower was over, it is cut off the place of lower 1-2 sections from a flower. A flower of the next year blooms in sign that came out of the root of lower shaw cut off. So it is to watch out as a flower does not bloom when it is cut too much.

The plant including the hydrangea grows up into bread with "water" and "oxygen" in the same way as we human being. Water is done if thirsty, and manure is put up if I feel hungry. And love is fully poured, and how about enjoying a beautiful flower?

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The rain is enjoyed

It is the rainy season that I cannot avoid ahead of a public performance in the summer at this time. Dampness and done weather continue, but it will be Nara from now on at this time that can enjoy the hydrangea which, on the other hand, blooms in the rain. It is casual, but may notice it when I let the rainy smell that the rainy sound, soil and green equal to the thing joined on a rainy day, the five senses including the scenery tinged with the haze work to the full. I am about to go out just because of rain without becoming stay-at-home, and how?



Illustrator, Hokusai Katsushika of Edo on behalf of Japan.
The work that a hydrangea was described in a motif is in the work of 30,000 points.

The work name "swallow to a hydrangea."

It is said that it rains when a swallow flies in the surface of the earth neighborhood. With the hydrangea, would a scene of the rainy season in Japan be drawn?