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In spring

A plum and a rape, many flowers including the cherry tree make in full bloom you with calm weather in Narita. After photographing a cherry tree and the shot of the airplane in the park which overlooked the runway of the airport, and rotating by a drive at the famous place of the flower, and having enjoyed cherry blossom viewing in each place, at a ranch for the making of contact with animals and delicious dairy products a challenge. For Golden Week wrapped in the fresh green, the Events which is pleasant in many facilities such as Recreational facilities and a park, a museum or an art museum around Narita is held.

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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Narita Eel Festival

From Friday, July 13 to Sunday, August 26

Naritasan Mitama Festival, Bon Dance Festival

From Thursday, August 23 to 24th Friday

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