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Hydrangea in the June Narita city


The Narita city chose "a hydrangea" to the flower which became the symbol of the Narita city which anyone was easy to get close in April, 1994 and was easy to cultivate in commemoration of the municipal organization enforcement 40th anniversary.
Thereafter, Sogo Reido Sanctuary, everywhere of the Narita city including the Sakura No Yama Park park, the tree planting of the hydrangea was carried out.

The scientific name of the hydrangea hydrangea (hydrangea) of the meaning called "a cruet."
It is right good to the name of the flower which is full of water in a rainy season, and blooms.
I make the flower that purplish red or the white are beautiful bloom from bluish violet in the rainy season from June through July.
The gradation of the color to change is very beautiful, and colorful flowers please our eyes.

Please see the state of the hydrangea in the Narita city.