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The July Naritasan Gion festival

Out of concern of the further infection spread of the new coronavirus, relief, security was considered to having top priority, and the Narita Gion Festival of 2020 was called off, but, during from July 7 to July 12, the Naritasan Gion festival was performed.

A great goma attendant was held especially, and, on Tuesday, July 7, the Naritasan Gion festival prayed the principal idol Acala of the large main hall of a Buddhist temple for all the people Toyosuke's raku ware, rich harvest, epidemic breaking up, security in the town block.
In this year, there were not 御輿渡御, the cruise of a festival car, the stand, but prayer of Okunoin of the Naritasan and heaven Grass-Mowing Sword incantation were held.


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