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Scenery 2013-2014 excellence prize-winning work announcement of Narita

There is much beautiful scenery in our town Narita.
A festival and the living of Events, a famous temple with a venerable history and the cityscape of the door front conveying history, the new town which overflows that people come and go and are full and people to come to the rich Nature, native district showing the seasonal expression. The works which cut various "now of Narita" as seasonal scenery were raised.

Thank you very much for applying for "scenery 2013-2014 of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" from many of you for each winter section spring, summer, autumn in 2013.
As a result of having performed fair examination, your work which won a prize wonderfully is introduced.



Scenery 2013 last examination general excellent work of Narita

Narita shikisaisai Grand Prix
Mayor Narita Prize
[be surrounded to quiet air]
Ichiro Irioka

Spring part Grand Prix
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize
[and a spring storm goes away]

Summer part Grand Prix
Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize
[river mikoshi of the purification ceremony]
Katsuyuki Ishii

Autumn part Grand Prix
Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize
[pond of autumn Aya Ryuki]
Isami Kondo

Winter part Grand Prix
The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize
[こもれびの Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine)]
Hideo Namekata

Judge special prize
Narita International Airport's president Prize
[spring, the departure]
Yukio Nitta

Judge special prize
Narita City Tourism Association long prize
[the first miyamairi of the smile]
Shu Umezawa year



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Part prize-winning work of scenery 2013 spring of Narita


[to Furuki spring]
Tsutomu Miura

[international goodwill]
Takashi Sasaki

[while meeting encouragement]
Yoshiyasu Hanyu

Fine work

[a wholehearted performance!]
Isami Sasaki

[country もんですがよろすく]
Saburo Miyamoto

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Part prize-winning work of the scenery 2013 summer of Narita


[summer maple]
Yoshio Sugimoto

[the making of eager soap]
Haruki Yamakata

[run through]

Fine work

[a powerful stand cruise!]
Isami Sasaki

[I jumped over the lump boom if it was done!]
Yukiko Ito

Sugaya きぬ child

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Part prize-winning work of the scenery 2013 autumn of Narita


[autumn footprint]

[morning to pray]
Yoshiyasu Hanyu

[the investigation by erhu]
Ichiro Irioka

Fine work

[a koto sound shakes on an autumn pond side]
Yoshio Sugimoto

[golden way]
Yukio Nitta

[led by the hand by mother]
Nobuyuki Iwashita

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Part prize-winning work of the scenery 2013 winter of Narita


[a happy bean-scattering ceremony!]
Isami Sasaki

[fortune spreads]

[fire incantation]
Ichiro Irioka

Fine work

[New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple]
Hiroshi Okazawa

[flame of thanks]
Shigeru Ota

[sunset of Matsuzaki]
Norio Umekawa

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I hold "scenery of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" sequentially, and the Narita City Tourism Association recruits the works from all of you.
I look forward to the application from all of you.

About contents (document, picture, sound, program) published in our website, please stop reproduction, that it is converted without the permission of the rightful claimant.
In addition, please connect with Narita City Tourism Association beforehand when the contents of our website are reprinted in a magazine, a book, CD-ROM, and it is published.

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