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Scenery 2023-2024 excellence prize-winning work announcement of Narita

There is much beautiful scenery in our town Narita.
A festival and the living of Events, a famous temple with a venerable history and the cityscape of the door front conveying history, the new town which overflows that people come and go and are full and people to come to the rich Nature, native district showing the seasonal expression. The works which cut various "now of Narita" as seasonal scenery were raised.

 Thank you very much for applying for "scenery 2023-2024 of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" from many of you for each winter section spring, summer, autumn in 2023.
As a result of having performed fair examination, your work which won a prize wonderfully is introduced.


Scenery 2023-2024 all parts Grand Prix of Narita, judge special prize

Mayor Narita Prize (Narita shikisaisai Grand Prix)
[fertile] (than a summer part)
Masanori Nagoya

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize (summer part Grand Prix)
[departure of the mikoshi]
Hiroyuki Isobe

The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize (judge special prize)
[summer memory to go] (than a summer part)
Atsushi Sugawara

Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize (winter part Grand Prix)
[traditional fishing) of the ぼさ fishing (Lake Imba]
Yasuo Suzuki

Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize (judge special prize)
[morning wrapped in quietness] (than a spring part)
Ichiro Irioka

Narita International Airport's president Prize (spring part Grand Prix)
[fun) only for this rice field リフレ (time]
Eiko Sato

Narita City Tourism Association chairperson Prize (autumn part Grand Prix)
[in a superb view kasha]
Chiiko Shitaya

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Part of scenery 2023-2024 spring of Narita


[dedication is danced dance in Azumacho]
Hiroyuki Isobe

[spring is run]
Yukio Nitta

Fine work

[gorgeous young girl drum]
Nobuyuki Iwashita


[be charmed in a magic hour]
Yuichi Nagayama


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Part of the scenery 2023-2024 summer of Narita


[a white lotus flower and white cloud]
Eiko Sato

[the Gion festival of the smile]

[from the second floor a wedding]
Ryoichi Watanabe

Fine work 

[fairy of the light]
Yukio Asami


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Part of the scenery 2023-2024 autumn of Narita


Masanori Nagoya

[walk over firing prayer]
Ryoichi Watanabe

Fine work

[a bridge and wisteria trellis]
Hole Sawa chapter

[history is shown]
Yasuo Suzuki

[marsh before dawn]
Masahiko Tamura

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Part of the scenery 2023-2024 winter of Narita


[right around in spring]
Ichiro Irioka

[all thank you]
Ryushin Matsumoto

Fine work

[light to be mixed]
Hiroshi Takei

[it finally begins]
Yoshio Tokoyoda

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I hold "scenery of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" sequentially, and the Narita City Tourism Association recruits the works from all of you.
I look forward to the application from all of you.

Scenery recruitment of Narita essential point page

About contents (document, picture, sound, program) published in our website,
Please stop reproduction, converting it without the permission of the rightful claimant.
In addition, when the contents of our website are reprinted in a magazine, a book, CD-ROM, and it is published,
Please connect with Narita City Tourism Association beforehand.

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