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Kawatoyo Honten

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The Kawatoyo Honten is a store specializing in ancestor, Freshwater eel of the Narita city founded in 1910.

The eel which was baked with the secret sauce which continued adding "it was cut, and length was steaming and baked it, and stand" to a motto from founding carefully.

Morbidezza cut with chopsticks straight, plump texture, nice smell only by the fried length….
Please enjoy inherited "の taste full of rivers".

Recommended information from a store


●Store of the purely Japanese house leaving a good old feature of Japan●

The area that leaves the taste of "the temple town" where Naritasan Omotesando Street "Nakanocho" where Kawatoyo Honten is located was full of the travelers of the visit to Naritasan from the Edo era strongly.

It is the purely Japanese house which the Kawatoyo Honten has been ever used for as a trip basket. This store which let feel history built in 1917 (Taisho 6) repeated reconstruction to raise the comfort of quake resistance and the customer of the building while leaving "the skill of the craftsman" to treat a traveler in the everywhere.

Many of "the highlight" covered by a store. In the case of a visit, please check it.

●Feelings to the skill and the freshness of the expert craftsman●

To have the Freshwater eel which selected carefully more deliciously,
I continue with "it is cut, and firing stand length, steamed length" in our store.

The experienced craftsmen for many years deal with Freshwater eel with Manager of board of exceeding it at store and bake this way person line 50 years. It is proof of a taste and the freshness and the reliability to cook in front of the customer.

The fresh Freshwater eel which I made use of in well water is cut by expertise, and it is sultry and bakes it.
Please have delicious Freshwater eel with an easy atmosphere.

●The Freshwater eel which the secret hanging that continues being added since its formation affects●

While the sauce of our store adds a lightly sweet thing since the formation in 1910,
To date, it is inherited.

It is "the river rich の taste" that there is never the imitation that extract of the Freshwater eel melts into the "sauce" which kabayaki passed through over and over again and has unique depth and mellowness.

With the sweetness that the long "hanging" that spent time, and was completed was done plainly,
The Freshwater eel original flavor to have is enhanced.

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386, Nakamachi, Narita-shi, Chiba

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From 10:00 to 17:00

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Business hours are extended until 18:00 (the last order) in July, August.

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The nearest station: It is about 11 minutes on foot from Narita

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is about 11 minutes on foot from Keiseinarita

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