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Hayashida No Osenbei

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Our store was founded in 1912.
It is the ancestor of the Rice crackers shop of the Narita approach to a shrine and is the only shop making the rice cracker with a handicraft from cloth.
Only "a skewer is not done" of one selling is dripped so that a customer of the worship can enjoy it, and two kinds of taste (sweet soy sauce taste) and the soy sauce taste are sold, and Souvenirs, the bagging for the present are sold.
As 30 or more kinds of rice crackers are always sold including an original rice cracker to be able to buy only in our store, favorite taste is surely found.
You have many special rice crackers which a well-established craftsman handcrafting it from cloth since its formation built from generation to generation drop in by all means when you come to Naritasan, and please enjoy the taste of the full-scale rice cracker.

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A storekeeper has produced rice crackers from cloth since its formation in our store.
The production of the cloth is steamed from generation to generation from the place where the storekeeper powders rice at the beginning, and it is worked out, and it is modelled, and drying, a heating tool are baked, and, after seasoning, finish and a lot of processes, it is sent to a customer as a delicious rice cracker.

This is a photograph made with the cloth for our shop sign product called "plump ears which are said to bring good luck and wealth persimmon-flavored rice-cake".
It is a process kneading a green string lettuce into dough into an eddy form.

It is a process to bake a rice cracker.
This goes in a place to be able to see it from the store.
Please observe it on a calling.
The state that obstinate, flat cloth swells out is the scene which cannot be usually readily seen.

Our store selling popular "a skewer is not done" which can be tried out is a shop in the place like a 5-minute walk from Naritasan.
Successive craftsmen built up many rice crackers including handmade crunchy soft rice cracker "plump ears which are said to bring good luck and wealth persimmon-flavored rice-cake" from cloth.
Rice cracker "which cannot be eaten is prepared a lot only" here that is attractive as Souvenirs and will be waiting.

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490, Saiwaicho, Narita-shi, Chiba

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From 09:00 to 17:00

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The nearest station: It is about 12 minutes on foot from Narita

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is about 12 minutes on foot from Keiseinarita


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about ten minutes by car from Narita IC

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Hayashida No Osenbei

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