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なごみの米屋 總本店

Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten

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The history of the rice dealer began in 總本店 of the rice dealer of relief.
Is faced with Naritasan Omotesando Street, 日々成田山詣客
It is full of local people.
In the shop commencing with the sale of the Japanese confectionery a side and a cafe of the sweetness,
The Narita lifelong learning citizen gallery is established on the second floor.

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Founder Morooka long storehouse gets a hint in "栗羹" which is said to be model of the chestnut insect yokan which was sweetness of the Buddhist cuisine of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple as a Naritasan prayer souvenir and firstly makes "the Kuriyokan" which a local turf chestnut was kneaded into most in Japan and it begins to have sold it and does it.
Thereafter mind of the founding is inherited, and the traditional taste "Kuriyokan" to make in an expert technique continues being still loved as a Naritasan prayer souvenir.

The bean jam that かなぴーなっつの fish and vegetables boiled in thick soy with sugar full of flavors forged it and was crowded
I squeezed up in a kind in the middle of a form of the lovely Peanuts.
The Peanuts-shaped box is popular with gift-giving, too.

The 26th whole country cake University exhibition honor president Prize receiving a prize

There is Narita yokan museum in the back of the Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten.
A rice dealer of relief founded in 1899, the history and the origin of the yokan are displayed.

The first floor holds a semiannual plan exhibition. In addition, you can see an introduction video about a rice dealer of relief.
The paper fortune yokan which a paper fortune entered can be enjoyed.

The history of the rice dealer, history of the yokan are plain, and the second floor is displayed.

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500, Kamicho, Narita-shi, Chiba

Business hours

From 08:00 to 18:00

Business hours remarks

I do business until 6:00 p.m. of - New Year's Day at 0:00 a.m. on New Year's Day

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Visa | MasterCard | Amex | JCB | Diners


Free of charge

Traffic access


The nearest station: It is about 10 minutes on foot from Narita

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is about 10 minutes on foot from Keiseinarita

Keisei access line

The nearest station: It is bus about 40 minutes from Narita-Yukawa


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about 20 minutes by car from Tomisato IC


It becomes foot from bus, Narita Station from Narita-Yukawa Station of the Keisei access line to JR Narita Station.

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Available facilities

Restroom facilities | Free Wi-Fi | Stand | Eating and drinking facilities | A visit to facilities is possible
The facilities are a gallery, cake classrooms in 總本店 2F
There are a yokan museum, the God of the Fire historic site garden in 總本店裏手

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Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten

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