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Ichiryugan Mithuhashi Phamaceutical Company

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 It is a drugstore specialized in Chinese medicine of the Japanese and Chinese crude drug, tradition Chinese medicine.
We sell the family lore medicine "one はらのくすり Naritasan-maru" since the founding.
It was got close to 成田山詣 りの people as journey medicine from Edo Genroku before 340 remainders year.
In addition, the Sontoku Ninomiya old man brought it along, too and was used regularly.
 Regardless of a now male woman, adult, child to all of each country as "a digestive medicine"
It is taken.
 Crude drug, Chinese medicine medicine, Chinese medicine infusion, powder, 300 kinds of medicinal herb or more Japanese and Chinese in our store always
It is a specialized drugstore of the had tradition Chinese medicine.
(Chinese medicine consultation)
The infusions most suitable for symptom recovery are chosen after having asked you about the story of the consultant in detail.
 ○The Chinese medicine consultation completely needs reservations. Apply beforehand at a telephone or store.
 ○The Chinese medicine consultation has our store come to the store, and the management pharmacist who mastered Chinese medicine Chinese medicine asks you about a story.
 ○Reservation time of the consultation: From 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (except the regular holiday)
 ○Reception desk phone number 0476-22-0011 to make a reservation
 ○A regular holiday: Every Thursday (closed at the time of the Other Chinese medicine training attendance)
(our store plans personal information and the confidentiality observance.)
(story of the family lore medicine handed down to this family)
 The first present head of a household studies the medicinal herb in ~1704 year (the middle of Edo era, the Genroku era year) in founding 1688, and it is handed down as it was released in the name of medicine of the in front of 340 remainder age "Naritasan one circle".
 ≪According to >>, a description is recorded over a scenery copperplate engraving for the Meiji period saying "the one-maru Mitsuhashi drugstore in front of the Naritasan main gate of a Buddhist temple performed selling over the counter as an ancestor of the journey medicine "はらのくすり Naritasan one circle" every year at a long-established store allowed to put medicine in the Soga Imperial Palace in the Edo era".

(Agency for Cultural Affairs authorization) 
  The store is a godown style 2-story black building built for the Meiji period,
It is authorized in "Japan tangible cultural property".

Recommended information from a store


("one はらのくすり Naritasan-maru")

It is "a digestive medicine".
  Other than disinfection, it is the binding medicine medicine which combined a crude drug helping the function of stomach and intestines.
 It becomes easy to be taken by a small round grain very much.
(effect, effect)
  Diarrhea by diarrhea, the indigestion, vomiting and purging, travel sickness per meal,
 Loose bowels, a soft bowel movement.
(price) 400 (treasuring for taking along) one 1,320 yen (tax-included) (capacity)

(history of the medicine)
 It is family lore medicine handed down to the one-maru Mitsuhashi drugstore from Edo Genroku (before 300 remainders year).
The traveler who is said to be journey medicine from that time, and comes in Naritasan Shinshoji Temple from the whole country of the trip
It was said to any illness that it was good by bringing it in the journey, and taking it.
 Using the high quality medicinal herb which chooses you to keep the ingredient and fragrance, spice in the present age, and was pulled, production and sales approval is received by technique at the time of the founding.

  It is an original medicine of our store.
  Of the urine that have a pain in waist when is tired that passed the adult, and eyesight declined is off,
 Though I am not sick, it is medicine for with such a symptom.
(effect, effect)
  A nebula, fatigue eyes, hot flash, sluggishness, dizziness, dysuria, micturition, swelling, an eyesight drop.
(price) 5.280 yen (tax-included)
(capacity) It is the 500-maru for 20th

("開豊瓊玉膏" nutrition and invigoration)
(explanation) Paste of the makeup which declined fatigable for some reason is bad recently,
  When it is the winter when it is easy to suffer from a disease, and it is hard to be cured, skin dries,
White hair increased and is medicine making up for the spirit that decreased with aging.
(effect, effect) nutrition and invigoration in case of the next. Inappetence, physical fatigue, weak constitution,
  Convalescent physical strength drop, gastrointestinal weakness, poor complexion, poor circulation, the growth period.
(price) For 1.320 yen (tax-excluded) (capacity) 20 g 2nd
     For 14.300 yen (tax-excluded) (capacity) 300 g about one month
     1,200 g of 39.930 yen (tax-excluded) (capacity) economy

Basic information



363, Nakamachi, Narita-shi, Chiba

Business hours

From 09:30 to 19:00

Regular holiday, holiday

On Thursday | No fixed holiday
The News of the regular holiday of 2020.

The regular holiday of January is not arranged (I do business all day)
A regular holiday of February: Thursday, February 6, Thursday, February 13, Thursday, February 20
・Wednesday, February 26, Thursday, February 27 (consecutive holidays).
In addition, it will be closed for the Chinese medicine training on Wednesday, February 26.
Understanding would be appreciated your.

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The nearest station: It is about 15 minutes on foot from Narita

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is about 15 minutes on foot from Keiseinarita

Keisei access line

The nearest station: It is about 25 minutes by taxi from Airport Terminal 2


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about 20 minutes by car from Tomisato IC


It is 25 minutes access method (car) 2 from Higashi Kanto Expressway Narita IC

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One corporation-maru Mitsuhashi drugstore

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This information becomes the information as of November 01, 2020.

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