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Namegawasan Ryushouin temple

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I am informed the Ryushoin Temple (Namegawa Kannon) got close to by a name of the Namegawa Kannon as 慈覚大師 did an open group in the 28th bill place of the Bando 33 Kannon hallowed ground in 838 (Jowa 5) in the peaceful early days.
I am known as life extension, a guardian deity of an easy delivery, the child care, and a sightseeing bus is linked every year in the 坂東札所巡拝 season of spring and summer, and a person of much prayer visits it.
In addition, I am rebuilt in the Muromachi era, and the Deva gate leaving a figure at the time in now is appointed to the important cultural property of the country.

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The Ryushoin Temple (Namegawa Kannon) main hall of a Buddhist temple

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1196, Namegawa, Narita-shi, Chiba


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The nearest station: It is about 15 minutes on foot from Namegawa

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