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Shibayama Niouson temple

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Old historic temples one of the best in Japan where the Kannon religion temple was founded for 781 years.
I was known widely in black 仁王尊 called "black two Deva kings", and folk belief was collected as "Shibayama Niouson" with Narita God of Fire in the Edo era.
I keep it off, and it is said that road safety includes a miracle, and a fire disaster, theft is famous for the triple tower in front of the precincts as one of the best Cultural properties in prefectural again, too.

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The main hall of a Buddhist temple

It is a temple dedicated to principal idol 11 Goddess of Mercy God of War.
Faith is collected as the good luck charm Kannon.

Triple tower

Shibayama is garden Museum

From 9:30 to 16:30 (as for the entrance until 16:00) open throughout the year

Entering a building charges
The public 200 yen 
Silver 100 yen (65 years or older)
Small, junior high student 100 yen
Neighboring "garden Museum as for Shibayama" of the Kannon religion Teramoto temple on the first floor the second-floor "Buddha building"

Basic information



298, Shibayama, Shibayama-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba


Free of charge

Traffic access


From Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway Matsuo, Yokoshiba IC car five minutes

From Shibayama-Chiyoda Station "contact bus" 20 minutes (200 yen)

Facilities information


Available facilities

Restroom facilities | Cultural properties

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The Shibayama Niouson Kannon religion temple

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