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Jimbei Park

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"The simplified Japanese half-coat" goes for direct appeal to the Edo era that Sogo Sakura saves the predicament of the citizen of territory; pick up Sakura on a ship regardless of own life to come, and is the name of the man who sent it to the opposite bank.
It is in the Lake Tega, Inba Nature park, and a flower blooming every season is wonderful. The photograph of the cosmos is a state of the Jinbei Park of the middle of October.
There is the rest-in-peace pagoda of the simplified Japanese half-coat on the cape of the marsh, and a cycling course and an athletic playground equipment open when simplified Japanese half-coat Ohashi is crossed.

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Jinbei Park of the beginning of April. A rape blooms in the one side.

The rest-in-peace pagoda of the simplified Japanese half-coat.

The setting sun of the Lake Imba.

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1626, Kitasuka, Narita-shi, Chiba


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