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Japanese inheritance north total four city Edo travelogue PR Events is held

On Sunday, February 18, "Japanese inheritance north total four city Edo travelogue PR Events" is held in the first floor of Aeon Mall Tsukuba waistcoat.
4 city quizzes and panel display, mascot greeting (Narita city: growl, Sakura-shi: カムロ) are held.
Everybody, please come to play!

Date Sunday, February 18, 2018 from 11:00 to 16:00 (plan)
Place Aeon Mall Tsukuba (I link to Google map) the first floor waistcoat
  • By bus from Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station approximately 20 minutes (Exit A3, bus terminal fourth platform)
  • By bus from JR Joban Line Hitachino-Ushiku Station approximately 14 minutes (the east exit, first platform)
  • 4 city quizzes
  • Panel display
  • Mascot greeting (Narita: growl, Sakura: カムロ)
    The greeting first: From 13:00
    The greeting second: From 15:00


※With the inheritance of Japan
Through local historic charm and characteristic, Agency for Cultural Affairs authorizes a story to talk about culture, a tradition of our country.
In 2016, Narita was authorized as "north total の cityscape to feel north total four city Edo travelogue, Edo" for the first time in Chiba with Sakura, Sahara (Katori), Choshi.