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A plum of Mt. Narita Park has begun to bloom

The plum of the Mt. selfish right Narita Park entrance for the Narita Yamadai main halls of a Buddhist temple bloomed. In addition, the Japanese apricot with red blossoms in Mt. Narita Park begins to bloom here and there, too.
Plum Blossom Festival is started on Saturday, February 17, 2018 on Sunday, March 4. On Saturday, Sunday during a period, a concert and an outdoor tea ceremony, Events including the amazake present can be enjoyed.
After prayer, please extend a trip.

※A photograph is a thing of the February 11, 2018 shooting.





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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Plum Blossom Festival

From Saturday, February 17 to Sunday, March 4

Narita Drum Festival

From Saturday, April 14 to 15th Sunday

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