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Cherry tree information of the Narita city

The cherry tree of the Narita city blooms from late March through early April in an average year. It is the beginning of April in in full bloom.

It is the day that is warmer than an average year in 2018, and flowering seems to be hasty.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple formula HP flowering information (External link)

Narita city Sakura No Yama Park flowering information (External link) 

"The Narita city Sakura No Yama Park" is the famous spot of cherry tree adjacent to the Narita Airport runway. It is the rare cherry blossom viewing spot where there is cherry blossom viewing while looking at the taking off and landing airplane close.
The park is colored into pinkness, and the cherry tree of Mt. Narita Park is wrapped in the atmosphere that I created gaiety to.

Narita city cherry tree information

Spring is felt, everyone, and please enjoy walk of Narita!


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Mt. Narita Park