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A contributor's haiku contest prizewinner of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom was selected

"Plum Blossom Festival" held in Mt. Narita Park in February, 2018, March recruited haikus of the enjoying ume blossom.
As a result of selection of haiku of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Terasu Hashimoto Minoru, being selected was fixed excellent haiku.
There was 606 application this time. Thank you very much for much application.

Ten excellent haiku
Mayor Narita Prize It is worshiped a benefit plum by everybody to become, and not to add Shoji Honjo Ryo
Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize Mt. incense style る Narita of a sound and the plum of the erhu Yoshikazu Morita
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize 醫王殿落成祝 う plum Festival Tadashi Ishii
Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize If go round Bairin; a sometime original way Michihiro Bishari
Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. prize Goma drum sounding pile plum Festival Kei Abe
Stationmaster JR Narita Prize The sound of the samisen in the 乘 せて petal ear Masahiko Tamura
Takajo Mitsuhashi Prize I snuggle up, and a wish of 梅一輪醫王 is performed Takako Higaki
Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize The plum Festival which a heart is clear for a sound of the erhu, and goes Kazuko Katsuta
Narita International Airport prize Mt. Narita prayer ease plum Festival Tomoyuki Ishida
Narita City Tourism Association long prize Garden of the plum to have a stick in each other, and to walk Toshie Fukuchi


Winning 20 phrases

A sound of the Mt. Narita erhu sound and enshrines a plum (Yumiko Hayashizaki)
The aged tree enshrines brightness sign ゆる plum, too (Kazuo Eguchi)
In the face of the baby petal plum blossoms (Arai justice child)
I bloom, and a wife is remembered in the forest of the incense plum (Koji Inagaki) 
The mother plum Festival which is, and enjoys an outdoor tea ceremony (Yukio Nitta)
Drumstick howling Tsugaru samisen plum Festival (Etsuo Shibazaki)
Copying of a sutra is finished, and heart fine weather and a plum are enshrined (Hisashi Yamada Megumi)
Pass through 護摩祈祷終; and Mt. Narita of the enjoying ume blossoms (Masaaki Umezu)
Dignified plum blossoms (Setsuyo Asano) which are fragrant, and drift
Voice (Midori Yoshino) of fragrance of ume flower and the heart をあらふ goma
To get weather, and, first of all, to look at the plum (Tami Nunomura Megumi)
Plum Festival Furuki Wakagi competes (Katsuko Omori)
Train にゆられ plum is enshrined all the way (Suzuyo Warita)
As soon as pray for plum Festival longevity; 醫王殿 (髙橋卿子様)
Ideal day for a plum newly the roof of the ex-voto gallery (Miyoko Yasuda)
Savor plum Festival peace and the safety (Hiroko Ishizu)
Ideal day for the plum that the person comes and goes for the sound of the koto (Ishizu Fujiyoshi)
The plum of Okuyama visits, too, and a temple gives up (Masao Kangori)
Is it news from 梅咲 いたよの in the end of a sentence (Yuichi Furukawa)? 
The aged wife is led by the hand, and a plum is enshrined (Takashi Arai)