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It is book ... in north total four urbiculture travelogue - classical music

"Book ... is held in north total four urbiculture travelogue - classical music" in Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy on November 3 (Saturday Sundays and holidays).
Against a backdrop of 原拓 "paths of approximately 13 meters in height to assume Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy a symbol of note Mount Tai," a concert of the string music is held. Please enjoy fusion of "a book to enjoy for sight" and "the music to enjoy auraly" on Culture Day.

※With the inheritance of Japan※

Through local historic charm and characteristic, Agency for Cultural Affairs authorizes a story to talk about culture, a tradition of our country. In 2016, Narita was authorized as "north total の cityscape to feel north total four city Edo travelogue, Edo" for the first time in Chiba with Sakura, Sahara (Katori), Choshi.


November 3, 2018 (Saturday Sundays and holidays) 14:00 ...


Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy (on the day of the Events no charge for admission) (External link)


A performance: Emanuel Girard
Johann Sebastian Bach: Than a no accompaniment cello suite the first
Toshiro Mayuzumi: - for BUNRAKU (Japanese puppet theater) - cello soli


<viola ダ Gamba>
Abel: Prelude
Male: Than a suite of the exoticism

A performance: Moeko Ogura

Kodaly: Fantasy of the chromatic scale
Than Japanese music a medley


Chiba culture promotion foundation (External link)