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An update day: January 29, 2019

The north total area tour PR video was uploaded

The video which the charm of the north total area was introduced by

There are Nature such as cityscape and a rural scenery or the Tone River which left Edo flavor in the north total area located in the northeastern part of Chiba, the highlight of the sightseeing including the meal only in the area a lot.
The PR video "visiting north total 7 city ancient cities" of the north total area (Sakura-shi, Shisui-machi, Narita city, Kozaki-machi, Katori-shi, Tohnosho-machi, Choshi-shi) was made to tell you about the charm. Please see it by all means.

Introduction of video contents

I am introduced by the video in order of Kozaki-machi, Katori-shi, Tohnosho-machi, Choshi-shi, Narita city, Shisui-machi, Sakura-shi.

Kozaki-machi (it is introduced from 1:09 in the video)

Village of the fermentation that Nature and history bring on

  • Village of the Roadside Station fermentation
    Various fermented food can be bought. Dishes utilized the fermented food can be eaten at a restaurant.
  • Sake brewery Festival
    A festival to be held every year in the middle of March. A visit and sake sampling are possible in a sake brewery, and the way is lined with stalls handling local product and fermented food.
  • Kanzaki Shrine
    As for "this tree, there are what というもんじゃろうか" and large Kusu that it was asked about in an occasion of the Shinto shrine prayer, and thereafter Prince Mitsukuni Mito is called "a tree of ナンジャモンジャ".

Katori-shi (it is introduced from 3:01 in the video)

The water town which there is taste of Edo

  • Visiting Ono barges
    Katori-shi Sawara that prospered using transportation by water. The cityscape which the Edo taste of the Onogawa coast remains on a ship can be enjoyed.
  • Katori major shrine
    The Katori major shrine which has the origin to date back to until the mythical times. It is said that good fortune, road safety, the praying accomplishment include benefit. "An evil last joke dumpling" can be eaten in the shop of the approach to a shrine.
  • Murder riverside district Sahara; a park
    The iris of 1.5 million 400 kinds can be enjoyed in June.

Tohnosho-machi (it is introduced from 4:49 in the video)

Food and drink and the sumo of the highest grade are enjoyed

  • Ogami, Suwa
    There is the monument of the Nomi follower life (のみすくねのみこと) that is God of the sumo, and a ritual sumo match is performed every year using the sumo ring of the Shinto shrine precincts. The camp of the Dewanoumi room is carried out in summer.
  • SPF pork from Tohnosho-machi
    High quality red meat and fat are delicious softly in a good balance.
  • Strawberry picking
    There is much sightseeing strawberry garden and can enjoy strawberry picking.

Choshi-shi (it is introduced from 6:24 in the video)

Town of the fishing port brought up by a rich blessing of the Kuroshio Current

  • Visit to Choshi fishing port
    Eminent fishing ports of the whole country. The first wholesale market can be observed from the second floor, and there are many shops handling a fresh fish around a market.
  • Choshi marina, Kimigahama
    The Choshi marina is popular as Marlene sports spot. The drive while the coastal scenery of Kimigahama is enjoyed is grand.
  • Screen ヶ 浦
    The sea cliff of the bluff ranging in the shoreline of 50 meters in height 10 kilometers in length. "Oriental Dover" is also called it.

Narita city (it is introduced from 8:03 in the video)

International city with Monzen-cho and Narita Airport of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

  • Naritasan Omotesando Street
    The way which links the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple from JR Narita Station, Keisei Narita Station. I can take a walk through the cityscape which taste of the Edo era was left for.
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
    National eminent hallowed ground with history more than 1,000 years.
  • Freshwater eel dishes
    There is the history that provided fisheries in the Tone River, the Lake Imba to a prayer visitor in Japanese inns of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Monzen-cho, and there is a restaurant providing Freshwater eel dishes that there is still many it.
  • Narita City Sakuranoyama
    I am known as an airplane view spot, and it is chosen as Chiba view 100 view. "An empty station cherry tree hall" selling local Agricultural products is added. 

Shisui-machi (it is introduced from 9:53 in the video)

Town Shisui that is heated that buys it, and eats and is healed, and is heated

    An outlet proud of a Japan's leading scale. A restaurant and the child amusement place are added.
  • Shisui herb garden
    Herb more than 150 kinds is planted on 1,800 square meters of sites.
  • Brewing place proud of the history of 300 years to
    There is the direct sale place that removed and rebuilt an old folk house in the site and can do the purchase and a meal of the sake.

Sakura-shi (it is introduced from 11:18 in the video)

The town of a flower and the samurai. Sakura

  • Oldness and open space
    The open space with the windmill. A cosmos blooms in spring in a sunflower, the autumn in a tulip, the summer.
  • Samurai residence
    The samurai residence which was built in the Edo era in near the bamboo forest of the slope "brown-eared bulbul slope." Sakura clansman actually lived.
  • Old Hotta's house garden
    A residence of Masatomo Hotta (ほったまさとも) who was the last Sakura feudal lord. The residence part is appointed to the important cultural property of the country, and the garden is got close to by a nickname of "Sakura Garden".