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Being selected is decided the excellent haiku of the contributor's haiku contest of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom

Being selected was decided the excellent haiku of the contributor's haiku contest of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom

"Plum Blossom Festival" held in a Naritasan park in February, 2022, March recruited haikus of the enjoying ume blossom.

I have Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Teruyasu Kishida select haiku, and being selected will announce it excellent haiku as I was selected. Thank you very much for much application.


Ten excellent haiku

  • Mayor Narita Prize
    A plum is enshrined in hope of peace in Ukraine (Yutaka Maruta)
  • Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize
    歩 (Toshie Fukuchi) of the rest of life ideal day for the enjoying ume blossom of the cathedral
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize
    Is dignified in 護摩焚 and 獨世; plum blossoms (Yoshie Kajiwara)
  • Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize
    Shrine plum weather (Toshimi Enoki) to worship citizen of justice father and son
  • Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. prize
    Plum (Yamashita さらら) which strongly opens elegantly rushingly
  • JR Stationmaster Narita Prize
    Narita Station approach to a shrine walk plum weather (Naho Ogawa)
  • Takajo Mitsuhashi Prize
    The deep forest hawk woman sees it; しや 梅一輪 (Teruko Miyata)
  • The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize
    As for everybody of the person who can walk Umebayashi, quiet (Kei Abe)
  • Narita International Airport prize
    The sight of an airplane plum weather (Reiko Igaki) to glitter in Daito
  • Narita City Tourism Association long prize
    Incense fireman's standard Age of Joy umbrella Kotobuki (Noriko Ogawa) of three sisters plums

Winning 20 phrases

  • The tone and plum Festival that the samisen is bold (Sanae Watanabe)
  • 放 ちて plum rouge does Aya of the happiness (Fumiko Nakayama)
  • Father is looked for in Gohyaku Rakan of the enjoying ume blossom (Kato よね)
  • Plum weather (Toshie Yamada) to enjoy fair copying of a sutra
  • Of the plum Festival water koto cave is clear, and do it; a sound (Sachiko Tanaka)
  • I am led to the depths to the incense of the plum to the depths (Yukako Murakami)
  • The sky of Bairin blue sky Naritasan (sword Neshi)
  • The 加持祈祷終 plum Festival which passes, and begins (Etsuo Shibazaki)
  • Festival plum weather (Koichi Murakami) of the crowding ひ sum comfort
  • The sound of the samisen 流 るる Plum Blossom Festival (Norio Hashimoto)
  • Plum blossoms (Kozo Arai) which the voice carp of the grandchild comes near to
  • Ask a course, and travel together; plum weather (Yayoe Komenoi)
  • 新勝寺吉 is got, and is it enjoying ume blossoms (Kazuko Oki)?
  • The principal idol Acala plum February (Takako Kuno)
  • Plum (Takako Kawaguchi) of the temple where the tone of the samisen listens attentively to
  • Eating alone seat (Midori Morishige bird state) which does melancholy of a spring day and a silence meal
  • The blue of the Naritasan red and white plum of the sky is done (Masako Hashimoto)
  • Blue (Yoshiro Harafuji) that a plum is empty if I pray peacefully, and I look up
  • I am enraptured by the tone of the plum Festival samisen (Toshiko Yokoyama)
  • It is prayed to a plum that the sound of the ancient and modern times is peaceful (Tomoyo Shibahara)