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"A festival car doll exhibition and a Narita Gion Festival exhibition of Kanto" about "especially lecture and symposium"

A festival car doll exhibition and Narita Gion Festival exhibition of Kanto

In the Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival executive committee, it is put together for period of "the Narita Gion Festival", and "a festival car doll and a Narita Gion Festival exhibition of Kanto" to display the miniature models of the festival car which pulls it in the Narita Gion Festival which 27 festival car dolls used at the festival of various places throughout Kanto due to the hand of the famous puppeteer who played an active part from Edo that cannot be seen in usual times mainly on period in Meiji, the Taisho era and Oka Noritoshi Saki living in the city produced, and is turned such as ten will be held from June 1 to July 7.

>About a lecture and the holding of the symposium

The date

From first half display period 2024 6⽉1⽇ (⼟ day ⽇) to 6⽉16⽇ (⽇ day ⽇)

From latter half exhibition ⽰ period 2024 6⽉22⽇ (⼟ day ⽇) to 7⽉7⽇ (⽇ day ⽇)

※I am closed on Monday

※It is replaced, and Friday becomes the period for from Tuesday, June 18 to 21st, but the entrance is possible

Poster PDF

A festival car doll exhibition and Narita Gion Festival exhibition (PDF: 1,579KB) of Kanto


〒286-0033 千葉県成 ⽥ city 828-11, Hanazakicho sky town 成 ⽥4 floor, the fifth floor
It is art center sky town gallery (External link) 成 ⽥ city ⽂

※As the Parking has a limit, please cooperate with the use of the public transport when you come.

List of festival car dolls

From first half display Saturday, June 1, 2024 to Sunday, June 16


Nohidesato Fujiwara Honmachi, Narita-shi

A puppeteer: Fukumatsu Yamamoto
The production year: 1902 (Meiji 35)


Emperor Jinmu (じんむてんのう) Nakanocho, Narita-shi

A puppeteer: Fukumatsu Yamamoto
The production year: 1900 (Meiji 33)


素戔嗚尊 (すさのおのみこと) Kuki-shi book one festival preservation society

A puppeteer: 古川長延
The production year: 1896 (Meiji 29)


Jinguu empress (じんぐうこうごう) Honjo-shi Nakacho, Kodama

A puppeteer: 東宝斉寿山請負浪花屋七郎衛
The production year: 1895 (Meiji 28)


Yoritomo Minamotono Akasaka Hikawa festival car preservation society

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: Around 1985 (Showa 60)


The person of Taro Hachiman justice and Kamakura right Goro Kagemasa (はちまんたろうよしえおよびかまくらこんごうかげろうかげまさ) Yagumojinja, Gokurakuji, Kamakura-shi festival department

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: 1898 (Meiji 31)


Kintaro (Kintaro) Taima, Sagamihara-shi field musical accompaniment ream

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: 1894 (Meiji 27)


豊島左衛門尉経泰 (としまさえもんのじょうつねやす) Uwamachi, Ogose-machi, Iruma-gun ward

The production year: 1886 (Meiji 19)


Masashige Kusunoki Nakacho, Shimonita-machi, Kanra-gun festival

A puppeteer: Tetsugoro Yamamoto
The production year: The early period of ... Meiji in the latter half of the Edo era


Sun-Goddess (あまてらすおおみかみ) 1, Yorozucho, Tochigi-shi

A puppeteer: The third generation original ship month
The production year: 1893 (Meiji 26)


Yamato Takeru (good at it with a mountain a thing) 2, Yorozucho, Tochigi-shi

A puppeteer: The third generation original ship month
The production year: 1893 (Meiji 26)


素盞嗚尊 (すさのおのみこと) 3, Yorozucho, Tochigi-shi

A puppeteer: The third generation original ship month
The production year: 1893 (Meiji 26)


Masashige Kusunoki Honmachi, Fukaya-shi

A puppeteer: Fireman's standard shop Shinji Horikoshi
The production year: 2021 (Reiwa 3)


Seki feather cloud long (かんううんちょう) Nakacho, Sakura-shi

A puppeteer: The third generation original ship month
The production year: Ignorance

From latter half display Saturday, June 22, 2024 to Sunday, July 7


須佐之男命 (すさのおのみこと) Akishima-shi Haijima Shimo-cho stand preservation society

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: Ignorance


素戔嗚尊 (すさのおのみこと) 4, Honcho, Kiryu-shi

A puppeteer: Kisaburo Matsumoto
The production year: 1875 (Meiji 8)


素戔嗚尊 (すさのおのみこと) Daimachi, Honjo-shi

A puppeteer: 東宝斎壽山
The production year: 1885 (Meiji 18)


Kiyomasa Kato Shichikencho, Honjo-shi

A puppeteer: Pine Kotobuki eaves U.S. Tomihisa
The production year: 1933 (Showa 8)


Yoriyoshi Minamotono Akasaka Hikawa festival car preservation society

A puppeteer: 松雲斎徳山 (Fukumatsu Matsuzaki)
The production year: 1846 (Koka 3)


Monkey (monkey) Akasaka Hikawa festival car preservation society

A puppeteer: Kaneyuki Yamamoto
The production year: Ignorance (1911 (Meiji 44) restoration)


Old man two crowding (おきなににんだち) Akasaka Hikawa festival car preservation society

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: 1863 (Bunkyu 3) biography


Taro Urashima and heavy drinker (うらしまたろうとしょうじょう) Nakacho, Kuraganomachi, Takasaki-shi Cultural properties preservation society

A puppeteer: 横山共之 (朝之)
The production year: 1874 (Meiji 7)


Yamato Takeru (good at it with a mountain a thing) Uwamachi, Sakura-shi

A puppeteer: The second generation relation brilliant person
The production year: 1850 (Kaei 3)


Tamanoi dragon King (たまのいりゅうじん) Nibancho, Sakura-shi

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: Ignorance


Masashige Kusunoki Shimocho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi Akemi Student Council

A puppeteer: Shugoro Yamamoto
The production year: 1927 (Showa 2)


Association of Yoshisada Nitta Miyacho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi Residents' Association society

A puppeteer: Ignorance
The production year: Ignorance


Static dear (しずかごぜん) 石岡市守横町

A puppeteer: Fortune U.S. for the third generation
The production year: 1969 (Showa 44)


Puppeteer information

Original ship month (はらしゅうげつ)
The puppeteer who played an active part from the last part of Edo era to the Meiji era.
First Shugetsu Higuchi, Goro under an alias Kim were born in Osaka. The name is known as Master adulator and it falls down to Edo to live by the making of hina doll in around 1778 (Anei 7) and devises "the ancient and modern times young bird". The shop was set up in the 10, Nihonbashi street stall (じっけんだな) fair for the supplies for the Doll's Festival, and it propered very much, but it was Edo exile by having dealt with a young bird and the palace young bird which was not made in the Edo era in the big ancient and modern times.
Also, I dealt, but I mention Reform of the Kansei era to prohibit extravagance, and, as for second generation, popular name Kintaro, the festival car doll receives the confiscation of the hina doll a hina doll and a helmet (warrior) doll of May, too.
Third generation, popular name Tokutaro succeeded you at the age of 18 from the second generation of the bed. There was the request for restoration of the festival car doll which the second generation produced, but changed to production of "the festival car one" which was engaged in production, and had's original structure in an original ship month of the festival car bodies.

Main work
<Chiba> Nakacho, Sakura-shi, the Seki feather cloud head
<Saitama> Miyamotocho, Honjo-shi "Yamato Takeru" the Nakacho, Honjo-shi "Emperor Jinmu" the Ichiharacho, Hanno "Emperor Jinmu"
<Tochigi> The Kubocho, Sano-shi "God of Wealth and Longevity" the Tochigi-shi ten thousand-cho 1 "Sun-Goddess" Tochigi-shi ten thousand-cho 2 "Seki feather cloud head" "Yamato Takeru" 3, Yorozucho, Tochigi-shi "素戔嗚尊" "張飛翼徳"
<Tokyo> Hachioji-shi Yokoyama 3 "Luo King Ryo" Yokamachi, Hachioji-shi "素戔嗚尊" (head) the Hachimancho, Hachioji-shi "Emperor Jinmu" (head)
<Gunma> Shinmachi, Takasaki-shi second ward "Takeuchi follower" 

Relation brilliant person (なかしゅうえい)
It is said that a hina doll of March, a helmet (warrior) doll of May were produced from generation to generation.
I am missing about the first generation, but Mitsunobu Fujiwara is said for the second generation, and mind a shop, and, also, it is said to the ten houses shop which are famous in a hina doll city (じっけんだな) that title of the Buddhism that a high-end puppeteer is given was given late in the Edo era. It is famous as a hina craftsman, "an original ship month, Kawabata Tamayama, a relation brilliant person" for Edo three generations.
I die at only 39 years old in 1850 (Kaei 3).
Afterwards, "Osamu Tanaka seven" played an active part as a patch, the third generation, but it is said to him that I died by a fire accident happened in around 1887 (Meiji 20).

Main work
<Tokyo> Morishitacho, Ome-shi "Takeuchi follower"
<Chiba> Uwamachi, Sakura-shi "Yamato Takeru" Mirokumachi, Sakura-shi "Taro Hachiman" Shisui-machi, Inba-gun "Tofu Onono"
<Saitama> Honmachi, Kazo-shi "orchid King Ryo" Nakacho, Kawagoe-shi "Luo King Ryo" Saiwaicho, Kawagoe-shi "old man" Otemachi, Kawagoe-shi "天鈿女命" Rokkencho, Kawagoe-shi "customary prelude"

Yujiro Yokoyama (朝之) (let's parody it with Yokoyama (Tomoyuki))

As for Tomoyuki Yokoyama, the name was inherited with Yujiro for the first generation, a grandfather certain person, the second generation, 友藏, the third generation, 新藏, the fourth generation.
Hung the doll which Yokoyama produced unlike the thing which a hina puppeteer made in the Meiji era from the late Tokugawa period, and played an active part; "grow, and is known as a style to descend of the doll".
As for the thing staying as historical materials, there are a record called "明治十二年東京市浅草区榊町一番地横山新藏六十四歳" and a quotation of "1902 ninth five days a month Tokyo city Asakusa ward 1, Sagakicho Yujiro Yokoyama" and listed Uwamachi, Honjo-shi, Saitama now.

Main work
<Chiba> Sakanacho, Sakura-shi "Chikubushima dragon King" Ichikawa-shi 3 "Takeuchi follower"
<Saitama> Izumicho, Honjo-shi "Takeuchi follower" the Uwamachi, Honjo-shi "Jinguu empress"
<Gunma> Nakanomachi, Shibukawa-shi "dragon King" a Takasaki-shi Kuragano Nakacho "heavy drinker" "Taro Urashima and heavy drinker"

Old Kawatake deferred (fall)

I am born in 1826 (Bunsei 9), and I become the pupil of the relation brilliant person at 13 years old for the second generation in 1838 (Tenpo 9), and the name of the relation British truth is taken 11 years later, and own shop is held in ten shop.
The style that made head deferred が was similar to a teacher and incurred the teacher's ill will as an evaluation was good and the taken name was returned, and it was given with "泰精斎古川長延" and held a shop in Hongo Yushima Tenjincho.

Main work
<Tokyo> Arakawa-ku "Princess Inada" "Chohan Kumasaka" "Hachiro Chinzei" (Tametomo Minamotono) the Minato-ku "Emperor Jinmu"
<Chiba> Katori-shi Shimojuku, Sawara "Yoriyoshi Minamotono"
<Saitama> 2, Matsuecho, Kawagoe-shi "Taro Urashima" 1, Honcho, Kuki-shi "素戔嗚尊" Uwamachi, Ogose-machi "豊島左衛門尉経泰"
<Ibaraki> Kanamarumachi, Ishioka-shi "Sarasvati" Itako-shi 8 "static dear"

Fukumatsu Yamamoto

The first generation played an active part in the straight puppeteer who played an active part early in the Showa era from the late Tokugawa period in the Meiji era and was famous for the production of the festival car doll. I live in six wards of Asakusa, and it is said that I died in around 1908 (Meiji 41).
I dealt with the joint performance and chrysanthemum figure exhibition of Kisaburo Matsumoto and the straight doll of the Asakusa flower garden in a show booth of Asakusa. A head and hands and feet are dolls, and the chrysanthemum figure is the life-sized doll that the body was made with a chrysanthemum.
For the first second generation when the back was inherited posthumously, I was engaged in a chrysanthemum figure, festival car puppetry, but the straight puppetry such as the Ichimatsu doll in particular is famous.
A business closing was declared suddenly in 1936 (Showa 11), and I died at 75 years old in 1961 (Showa 36).

Main work
<Chiba> Honmachi, Narita-shi "Hidesato Fujiwara" the Nakanocho, Narita-shi "Emperor Jinmu" 
<Gunma> Ichiwada-cho, Takasaki "Michizane Sugawara" the Yashimacho, Takasaki-shi "Jinguu empress" Minamicho, Takasaki-shi "Masashige Kusunoki" Utagawacho, Takasaki-shi "Sadaie Fujiwara" Aioicho, Takasaki-shi "Tametomo Minamotono"


Free of charge


Miniature festival car display

A period: From Friday, May 17, 2024 to Monday, May 27

A place: Open space in front of Narita International Airport first the fourth floor of the terminal north wing departure examination place

Contents: Five of ten miniature floats which Oka Saki produced are displayed


About a lecture and the holding of the symposium


From Sunday, June 23, 2024 13:00 to 15:10 (plan)


〒286-0033 828-11, Hanazakicho, Narita-shi, Chiba sky town the third floor of Narita
Rice dealer sky town hall (External link) of Narita city culture art center relief


The date and time: From Sunday, June 23, 2024 13:00 to 14:00

A lecturer: Naoki Hayashi
Japanese doll culture research institute's director, Director of Japanese doll toy association
A TV show "good luck! It is the Japanese doll valuer of the evaluation group, a master of picture on a kite in anything

A theme: "Festival culture and puppeteer - of festival car doll - Edo of Kanto"

Time: 60 minutes (it is included for questions and answers ten minutes)


The date and time: Sunday, June 23, 2024 from 14:10 to 15:10

A member: Naoki Hayashi, Katsuto Tsuruoka (Secretary General of Sakura festival car doll preservation society), Shoichi Nara (Kiryu Gion festival preservation society officer), Kenji Sekine (Narita city deputy mayor)

A theme: About "the Gion festival and a festival car doll"

Time: 60 minutes

About an application:
WEB application starts from Saturday, June 1
A URL: (External link)

Capacity: 225 (prior application system)

Poster (PDF: 871KB)


Narita City Tourism promotion section
TEL: 0476-20-1540
An e-mail address:




Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 people visit every day which is not the simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in the old days


Narita holds various Events throughout the year

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