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Various experiences can be enjoyed in International Tourist city, Narita where newness coexisted with a tradition. The experience that is recommended to the experience of a farmhouse and the samurai family, horseback riding and a cow's milk squeeze, the families including the crop experience of the seasonal fruit commencing with the experience that the airplane shooting under the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the copying of a sutra experience in the Narita mountain and a sealed letter issued by a shogun, an aviation fan and the history fan including the walk of the cityscape full of the Edo emotion cannot overlook is a riot. A non-daily experience becomes the wonderful memory of the trip.

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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Narita Eel Festival

From Friday, July 12 to Sunday, August 25


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

Every month 28th (stop regular in October on 27th in holding, January)

Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

From Saturday, September 14 to 15th Sunday

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