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Growl goods catalogue

Not only a pin batch, a key ring, stationery including the sewing and the mini-towel but also a cake and food such as the Sake increased the growl goods, and a variation became very rich.

This growl catalogue introduces a store handling growl goods in the Narita city.

In addition, please note that the stock of the product may not be prepared by the situation of the arrival enough.
A listed price is a retail price (tax-included) desired.
(publication contents are things as of October 24, 2017.)

Key rings

New growl family calendar 2018
1,296 yen
New growl desk calendar 2018
540 yen

New growl wall hangings calendar 2018
1,188 yen

Growl baby socks

540 yen



Stands mirror
377 yen

Gradation growl bamboo round fan

300 yen

Growl jigsaw puzzle
300 pieces

1,620 yen

Future (みらくる) growl
378 yen
Growl drawstring purse
<color> Navy, khaki
For each 1,080 yen
Premature start mini-growl
432 yen
Growl mini-lantern magnet
378 yen
Growl hanging mini-lantern
432 yen
Growl kids socks
432 yen
Growl tiepin
864 yen
Growl having roots (pair star type)
432 yen
Growl key ring (ダエン type)
432 yen
Growl key ring (soft leather)
648 yen
Growl Funassyi ball-point pen &
Mechanical pencil
756 yen
Growl minibus
540 yen

Growl & Funassyi mascot
2,160 yen
Growl LED light (pink, dark blue)
540 yen
Growl eye mask
432 yen
Growl tie (three colors of stripe)
2,700 yen
Growl multi-pochette
864 yen
Growl knock-type eraser
270 yen
Smartphone case (iphone6) 4.7inch
1,296 yen
Growl パペット
1,404 yen
Growl magnet
378 yen

Growl formula fan book
1,296 yen
Growl Stai
540 yen
Growl pencil five set
432 yen
Growl cage tatami mat round fan
540 yen
Growl key ring for live-action film
324 yen
Growl magnet for live-action film
324 yen

Growl here socks
Size: 22-24cm
432 yen
Growl and Kitty
Collaboration hand towel
648 yen
Growl slide mirror
432 yen

Mini-3P memo pad
324 yen

Growl and Kitty
Collaboration ball-point pen mechanical pencil
648 yen
Growl and Kitty collaboration having roots
540 yen
Pouch case
701 yen
Bell (having roots type, eggplant perception type)
For each 324 yen
Tissue case
432 yen
809 yen
Card case
485 yen
Growl eraser
Three set 269 yen

うなりくんぷくぷく seal
377 yen
Growl ruler (15cm)
269 yen
Growl votive tablet bell
377 yen

Growl 一筆箋
30 pieces of spelling (with 2 handles)
324 yen

Memo pad
324 yen
Tie (stripe)
2,700 yen

Growl theme song DVD, CD set
1,000 yen
Mini including the sewing
540 yen
Coin case
432 yen
Neck strap
540 yen
Strap mascot
486 yen
T-shirt (a color: pink, blue) for the child
(size: 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm)
1,728 yen
Bamboo bookmark (the back draws the line)
309 yen

Do not do it; pull
(the type that is kind to the elderly person and the weak authority)
648 yen
Mini-round fan
269 yen

Stuffed toy (there is 3 size)
Large 9,180 yen
Middle 2,160 yen
Small 1,080 yen
As for the nail
367 yen

The photostands
540 yen
Growl kewpie
594 yen
With mascot ball chain
593 yen
Hand towel
377 yen
Silk folding fan
1,134 yen
Festival fan
1,475 yen
Mug cup
756 yen
Magnet sheet (6.5cm in height, 19.5cm in width)
432 yen

Pin batch
432 yen
Mirror sticker
514 yen
324 yen
All strap four kinds
432 yen
324 yen
Mechanical pencil
432 yen
Ball-point pen
432 yen
324 yen

Around Mt. Narita and Aeon Mall

Store's name The location TEL
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple precincts Doniwa and Okuyama open space Each shop  
Narugeya Toki (Narugeya Pottery) shop 536, Hanazakicho, Narita-shi 0476-22-0337
Ishiwata ironmongery 534, Hanazakicho, Narita-shi 0476-22-0137
Souvenir Shop Shibaraku 531-10, Hanazakicho, Narita-shi 0476-22-0557
土産処 きょうます 497, Kamicho, Narita-shi 0476-22-0847
[bamboo work, woodwork, canework] Fujikura store 488, Saiwaicho, Narita-shi 0476-22-0372
Tomiya 490, Saiwaicho, Narita-shi 0476-22-0812
Mingei Sakamichi 388, Nakamachi, Narita-shi 0476-22-3424
Wakin 601-3, Azumacho, Narita-shi 0476-22-3213
Ebiya Drive-in 335, Honcho, Narita-shi 0476-22-2255
Station Yoneya Tourist Center of the trip 622-6, Azumacho, Narita-shi 0476-23-1131
Narita city Japan National Council of Social Welfare
(the Narita city health welfare building)
1-3-1, Akasaka, Narita-shi 0476-27-7755
MINISTOP Narita Red Cross hospital shop
(the Narita Red Cross hospital)
The 90-1, Iidacho, Narita-shi Narita Red Cross hospital 0476-23-8805
Yamamoto Printing Company 765, Hatakeda, Narita-shi 0476-35-2293

Future shop bookstore
(the AEON MALL Narita)

24, Uingutsuchiya, Narita-shi, Chiba
AEON MALL Narita the second floor

Bonn Berta Narita 2-1-10, Akasaka, Narita-shi, Chiba 0476-26-2111

Narita International Airport

Store's name The location TEL
Dream which did not come true (くうむ) The fifth floor of the first terminal building 0476-32-8640
Souvenir Keisei The fourth floor of the second terminal building (the north side) 0476-34-8630

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Strawberry candy & Peanuts candy

432 yen
(until the spring of 2017 during out of stock)

Narita Freshwater eel drops

378 yen
(until the spring of 2017 during out of stock)

Growl cookie
14 pieces of 648 yen containing (boxing)


Potato native sable (sweet potato taste)

Five pieces of 514 yen containing (bag filling)

Potato native sable (sweet potato taste)

8 yen piece 1,029 yen containing (boxing)

Store's name The location TEL
Souvenir shop around the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Each shop  
Ion Narita shop well-known store 24, Uingutsuchiya, Narita-shi 0476-23-8300 (main)
Have Tokyo meal guest building; a place
(a potato native sable is handled.)
Narita, Narita-shi International Airport first terminal
The fourth floor of Chuo Building new building

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Product of the wisteria shop

Spring 180 ml three (treasuring) 720 yen with long life


Store's name The location TEL
Wisteria shop 513, Kamicho, Narita-shi
(only with three kinds case Takizawa Head Office
It is sold on a qualified scale in a wisteria shop new building)

Product of pan shop

仁勇花山水大吟醸 growl
720 ml of 1,779 yen

Store's name The location TEL
Pan shop source five gate-guard office 338, Honcho, Narita-shi 0476-22-2847
York Mart Narita shop 158-4, Iidacho, Narita-shi 0476-28-1711
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