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Narita easy-to-understand guide

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Temple town of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and International Tourist city with the Narita International Airport

I introduce about famous Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and a temple town, the Sogo Reido Sanctuary that citizen of justice Sogo Sakura is worshiped, a Japanese central station of the sky, various charm of Narita including the Narita International Airport as hallowed ground for a long time.

The Narita city is here


About 214 square kilometers in area, the population that the Narita city is located on the north total plateau of the North Chiba center, and the west contacts with Lake Imba in the Tone River in the north are cities of about 130,000 people. It prospered mainly on famous Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and a family temple, Sogo Reido Sanctuary of Sogo, Sakura that made an effort for general public in the Edo era as hallowed ground for a long time as the temple town that was full of taste. In addition, Japanese central station, Narita International Airport are had, and about 14 million a year customers are greeted as International Tourist city. In 2016, as for the Narita city, story "north total four city Edo travelogue, north total の cityscape to feel Edo" received the authorization of the inheritance of Japan with Sakura-shi, Katori-shi, Choshi-shi. It is the city that traditional charm to enjoy walk of the cityscape full of the Edo emotion as nearest "Edo" from the world and the charm that is full of international atmosphere harmonized.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Place of faith full of about 3 million prayer visitors more than 10 million people a year on the first three days of a new year for New Year holidays

The Naritasan Shinshoji Temple got close to by the nickname of "the Fudo state of Narita" is the head temple of the Shingon Buddhism intellect mountain group. In one of the best hallowed ground in the whole country proud of history 1,000 years or more since a founding, the prayer visitor more than 10 million a year visits it. It is full of about 3 million New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine visitors on the first three days of a new year for New Year holidays and is proud of the national first place for a Buddhist temple. Five of the triple tower, Deva gate, ex-voto gallery are appointed including Shakado the light temple which is the old main hall of a Buddhist temple by the important cultural property of the country. It is extremely exceptional that five are appointed in a mass at one temple by an important cultural property, and know the early modern temple architecture; come to be valuable. Open basis 1080 was reached in 2018, and memory University exhibiting a Buddhist image was held. During a large exhibiting a Buddhist image period to have the relationship once in ten years, various events are held in Naritasan.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple goma prayer

It is a place of the prayer having been continued since a highlight, the Heian era of the Naritasan sightseeing

The Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is ordered by the Emperor for the peace period, and I have the founder luck who let a revolt of flat の Masakado converge by a goma prayer. Since a founding, a goma prayer is continued in the Naritasan regularly all day long. A goma prayer is a ceremony of the Buddha's preach about truth esoteric Buddhism to pray the God of the Fire that the wish of the person of prayer accomplishes it. Anyone rises by the held goma prayer every day in a temple in Naritasan Omoto temple and can visit it.

Narita city X Kabuki

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and deep edge of the Ichikawa Danjuros

The Naritasan Shinshoji Temple marries the Ichikawa Danjuros known for a name of "the Narita-ya" in a bond of the Naritasan God of Fire faith since the Edo Genroku era, and the Muneie Ichikawa school visits it in Naritasan every turning point. After Kabuki actor first generation Danjuro who won popularity in the Edo era not being blessed with children, and praying the Naritasan which I believed in since ancestors, a long-awaited child (second generation Danjuro) was given. After first Danjuro being pleased with this miracle very much, and staging Kabuki concerning the Narita God of Fire, the play is a big success. Taking this occasion, the name of "the Narita-ya" came to be used. By achievement of Danjuro, Fudo Narita was widely known to many people, and Naritasan prayer spread out among Edo general public. When a string removes history, there is a story to feel the Ichikawa Danjuros and depth of the relationship with the Naritasan a lot, and there is the ground of the connection around the Naritasan. Motoichi was visited in Naritasan open basis 1,070 anniversary memory event and 結婚奉告, and, in the Narita city, Ichikawa Danjuro was appointed "a Narita city guide" for the familiar thirteenth generation. Through Danjuro taking the traditional arts, culture succession of Japan, charm of Narita is sent.

Narita city X Kabuki (External link)

Naritasan park

Seasonal beautiful Nature and park of peace

The very large park of 165,000 square meters spreads out behind the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. Citizens many as the oasis that can be enjoyed and a prayer visitor of the Naritasan visit spring plum and cherry blossoms, summer green, the seasonal expression including autumn colored leaves. The maple changing color dyes the whole park in a brocade color from mid-November through early December in usual, and colored leaves festival is held. It is the popular spot where many people gather as a holiday making famous place enjoying colored leaves in the suburbs of Tokyo. In addition, I am known as a famous spot of plum, and elegance for a time can be enjoyed while feeling a taste of the real Japan with it is "the outdoor tea ceremony" of the plum festival performed at the time when flowers of Bairin are in full bloom.

Naritasan Omotesando Street

I take a walk through cityscape full of the Edo emotion

In front of Narita Station of JR and Keisei, Omotesando for about 800 meters prospered to a Naritasan Shinshoji Temple outer gate as a temple town from the old days of Edo. Buildings full of the emotion form a line and still leave a feature of the Edo era strongly.

A restaurant and a souvenir shop providing the specialty Freshwater eel dishes of the meal of Narita link the eaves and receive much prayer visitors through the year and show the turnout full of the vigor.

Narita International Airport

Air gateway of Japan

The number of the annual users of the Narita International Airport is 39 million. 110 cities are linked to Japan from the 3 area of the world in 38 countries, and the presence that Haneda Airport was globalized even now big as "Narita Airport Connecting Japan to the World" is had. In addition, the domestic airline network marries 18 cities, too, and further enhancement is planned in future. Popularity is high as a tourist attraction and can see the taking off and landing of a runway and the powerful airplane freely from the visit deck of the terminal and can enjoy the beautiful night view that gangs are different from the noon in. In addition, the shops only in the international airport assemble in full force at each terminal and can enjoy global shopping and meal.

Meal of Narita

The food culture that reflected climate and history

There is the attractive food culture that reflected climate and history of the land in Narita. Above all, I seem to have come to be known as "a town of the Freshwater eel" because Freshwater eel was done with an article for sale as service dishes to a prayer visitor when the Freshwater eel dishes were famous, and 成田詣 became popular in the Edo era. Among shops in Omotesando of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, many restaurants still take in Freshwater eel dishes on a menu. In addition, the Pickles such as soaked in "gun" which foods rolled with Japanese basil and blue chili pepper are cut down in a Japanese confectionery including the yokan and a gourd dug out, and were pickled is known as standard of the Narita souvenir. In addition, the dairy farming to assume rice growing and Peanuts, production of the Agricultural products including the sweet potato, the fishing of the freshwater fish in the north Lake Imba, the Shimousa Imperial Stock Farm where I made use of the fertile soil in the origin is prosperous.

Transit program

The tour of the Narita Airport transit & stay program is stopped temporarily to prevent a spread of COVID-19.

The visit to Japan sightseeing promotion meeting of the transit passenger carries out "Narita Transit Program" targeting at transit passengers of Narita Airport for the purpose of connecting it with the activation of the Narita Airport area area and the next visit to Japan trip. "Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program" added targeting at foreigner tourists staying at the Narita Airport area area will be started from April 1, 2017 in future in order to plan uptake of the demand of the visit to Japan foreigner tourist that further increase is anticipated.
To a start of "Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program", the distribution of the brochure time-out Tokyo "50 things to do in Narita" where the addition of the new tour programs such as "welcome Narita select bus tour" to rotate by a sightseeing bus to the commuter pass which can participate more casually and the sightseeing charm of the Narita Airport area area were introduced to guide map is performed.
In cooperation with local all of the Narita Airport area, the further enhancement and promotion of tour contents are strengthened in future.

Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program (External link)

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