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Kintoki No Amataro

The taste that bean jam is fully classic to 01 thin skins

Sweet Taro ware adzuki bean あん/white あん
One 150 yen (tax-included)

The celebrity shop that is often published with the magazine. When go along in front of shop, is excellent; smelled fragrant indulgently. When it is given me one of unintentionally, I want to drop in.

The outside is burnt with thin skin crisply, and burning hot bean jam fully enters closely among them. The adzuki bean is chewy, and satisfaction is enough. It is one article that is wanted to be certainly recommended to favorite people in Shozu.

While do so it this way, is constant; a visitor. For New Year holidays when Narita does well most, I seem to be able to stand in line. The foreign visitor came, too. ・* * Is surprised at the master who begins to speak English in this fluently. It was time when a feeling of the hospitality was felt.

It is just right snacks to try out approaches to a shrine casually. Let's go round the approaches to a shrine while stuffing the mouth with madly in love sweet Taro ware♪

It is a word from a shop

Since the formation in 1961, this taste continues being kept for a long time. All the bean jam is homemade, and the skin is the taste that the outside is warm crunchily, and is gentle, too. Why is it done so lightly?

That is a trade secret.

Store introduction

Kintoki No Amataro

[address] 〒 286-0033 527, Hanazakicho, Narita-shi, Chiba
[phone number] 0476-22-0823
[business hours] Until 9:00 - sellout
[homepage] -

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