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Goto Dangoya

Length with 04, noted product dumpling hot from the oven

Fried dumpling three 480 yen (tax-included)

"Dumpling ♪ dumpling ♪" as for the bamboo grass to a skewer was popular. I line up, and three were ... with that song, but, after all, four are basic in Kanto. It is the pretty traditional snacks which are bite-sized, and wear well. The texture that it was said that the dumpling of Goto is sticky is outstanding, and just another one and a hand appear.

The dumpling shop that there seems to be often the thing that I finish already selling in the afternoon, and there are many fans in the personality of the storekeeper. The retro shop where earthen floor and a dining table hark back to Showa in the shop. Since 1845 seems to be lasted, and it is taken up to many magazines.

While I am waiting for baking, that fragrant fragrance is unbearable. Well, ... fatty tuna - っと 甘辛 anyone sharp traditional was fully hung, and a fried dumpling appeared. The dumpling to be attached is very smooth every morning and, using a stone mill, a mallet (mallet), is chewy. In good old taste and the atmosphere of the shop, I have stayed too long unintentionally.

Among others, it is unusual; is blackened, and one pushes the horn tokoroten. It is eaten person をあっといわせる original sweets. As for the bean jam dumpling, refined smooth bean jam is gentle one article.

It is a word from a shop

The Goto Dangoya continues from the Edo era, and it is the sixth generation in me.

Please come to eat a fragrant, sweet dumpling by all means.

Store introduction

Goto Dangoya

[address] 〒 286-0032 499, Kamicho, Narita-shi
[phone number] 0476-22-2560
[business hours] From 11:00 to 16:00 no fixed holiday
[homepage] -

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