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Rice dealer of relief

The form that 14 is pretty is quite popular with Souvenirs!

The ぴーなっつ middle

One 130 yen (tax-included)
12 filling 1,950 yen (tax-included)

There are many fields on the north total plateau surrounding Narita city using the Kanto loam layer, and Peanuts, a sweet potato, watermelons are produced, and taste, amount of production are famous as nationwide together one of the best production centers.

"The ぴーなっつ middle" using the Peanuts which is full of flavors of such a Nature gains popularity.

Yoneya is famous for the yokan, too, but, in the このぴーなっつ middle, time of two years is spent by development. That is natural, too, この size, taste ... taste that was calculated exhaustively! A taste is shut in in the middle of one one tightly. Even national cake University exhibitions win a prize.

Character のぴーちゃん of the package. In fact, was it known that there was a version to have a clover in this, random? It is the nice device which is played with a smile unintentionally if it is found.

In Yoneya, I can take a walk through "the God of the Fire historic site garden" behind the store, and a tea party is held every year in April.

As there are a museum and the gallery, it is the spot where is wanted to be gone to visit for sightseeing by all means.

It is a word from a shop

As you can have tea relaxedly in a free rest station, please drop in by all means. A customer buying the popular item のぴーなっつ middle increases to the souvenir of visit to Narita including yokan and is most suitable for Souvenirs. I opened though "an approach to a shrine wampum was cost" in the store.

Store introduction

Nagomi No Yoneya Sohonten

[address] 〒 286-0032 500, Uwamachi
[phone number] 0476-22-1661 (as for the order 0120-753-048)
[business hours] From 8:00 to 18:00
[homepage] (External link)

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