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Narita International Airport

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The Japanese central station which tens of thousands of people visit every day which is not the passage point

The Narita International Airport that tens of thousands of people come and go per day as a central station connecting Japan and the world. Let alone the convenience as the airport, the feature is that various charm of various parts of Japan gathers from popular souvenirs to art, a subculture. Shopping and Food and drink at the airport are one of the pleasure of the trip, too. Charm of the Narita International Airport which is not the simple passage point to the destination is introduced.


※Publication contents are things at the time of an exhibition and the shooting. The latest information, please identify Narita Airport official site.

Japanese culture to enjoy at an airport

In the Narita International Airport, charm of various Japanese culture is sent including town of Narita and Kabuki that an edge is deep. The Events for customers from the foreign countries is held regularly, and the skill of the beautiful, delicate folkcraft and culture entertainment can be sensed bodily while being at the airport.

  • Experience-based Events of the Japanese culture

    In the airport, the Events which can experience Japanese culture is held for the customers from the foreign countries. I prepare for the programs such as the production experience that the professionals such as folkcraft or the culture entertainment instruct as a lecturer or display or the performance about the Japanese culture.

Refresh spot of the airport

The fatigue of the trip is healed, and when a time before the departure is wanted to be spent significantly, recommended one is refreshed and spots it. The scene including the lounge which can spend a detached room, an elegant time from the noise in a relaxation salon and the airport which want to be visited before just after of the long flight and returning home after having fully seen the sights can use it properly in total.

  • Beauty, relaxation salon

    In the airport, nail salons gather other than a barber shop, a hair salon. As the short use is possible, it is most suitable for the refreshment before and after the flight.

  • The lounge which is available for personal use

    Any place other than the lounge for exclusive use of the member of an airline and the credit company, there is an available paid lounge in individuals casually. A time before leaving the drink for one hand can be spent concentrating on work elegantly.

The Shopping which features "it is made in Japan"

Narita Airport has the shops of various genres. Let alone the use in the space before the boarding, it is available as an everyday shopping spot.

  • National popular souvenirs assemble in full force!

    It is Narita International Airport Nara that well-established cake of high quality and specialty, liquor, a noted product and the specialties of various parts of Japan including the traditional Crafts assemble in full force. To many souvenirs which are full of variety, undecisiveness is made unintentionally.

  • Full animation fancy goods

    Animation, games such as "Pokemon", the goods of comics are fulfilling. A popular character gathers all over the world, and the delightful shop where both a child and adult are excited at is prepared.

Various airport Food and drink is enjoyed

As for the Narita International Airport, the Food and drink spot is fulfilling, too. The restaurants which can feel free to contact us with the real Japanese food shop which was particular about a restaurant and the subject matter that can look at an airplane, dishes of all the countries of the world are prepared and can spend unhurried time after in front of departure and the arrival.

  • A blissful time to enjoy the scenery only in the airport

    It is pleasure only in the airport that can eat before boarding while looking at a taking off and landing airplane and runway. Narita International Airport has many restaurants which can look at an airplane.

  • Discerning Japanese food and each country cooking are lineups

    Only in an airport, various types of Japanese foods including Sushi and the Ramen can be enjoyed. Of course the restaurants which are full of variety gather and, as well as Japanese foods, can choose Western food or Chinese food by a feeling.

Taking picture of airport & View Point

There is a visit deck, and even anyone is free to do it, and, in Narita International Airport, observation deck that can look around the whole runway on the first the fifth floor of the terminal and second two places on the fourth floor of the terminal can observe it. A telescope is installed and can see a state of the taking off and landing of the powerful airplane close.

Detailed information of the Narita International Airport

Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 people visit every day which is not the simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in the old days


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