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Naritasan and Danjuro

Naritasan and connection with the Ichikawas

The Naritasan marries Muneie Ichikawa of Kabuki in a bond of the Naritasan God of Fire faith since Edo Genroku, and the Muneie Ichikawa school visits it in Naritasan every turning point.
Here, the depth of the relationship with Muneie Ichikawa and the Naritasan, also known as "a Narita person" of Kabuki is introduced.


Danjuro and Narita-ya

First Danjuro Ichikawa
(Naritasan holy light building storehouse)

In noble family of Edo Kabuki, the Ichikawas and Narita, father of first Danjuro is concerned with the thing from current Hataya, Narita-shi, and it is deep relationship.

First Danjuro went through a debut at 14 years old and, disguised as Kintoki Sakata, shaded off a face with rouge and a sumi, and wound act did a fighting scene (together with a fault) that was a specialty of the Ichikawas and got serious popularity. However, after first Danjuro not being blessed with children, and praying the Naritasan which I believed in since ancestors, the wish came true and was given a boy (second generation Danjuro) in 1688 (Genroku 1).

First Danjuro was pleased with this miracle very much and gave the first public performance of Naritasan Acala in 1695 (Genroku 8) and often played Acala.

The position of the Fudo becomes the forte of the Ichikawas, and it is said that the name of "the Narita shop" began from this time in this way.
It is said that it puts this repertory in "the box" "forte" is written, and to read with "forte", and Danjuro family inherits it carefully.

It is said that the fighting scene that first Danjuro founded gave a person to see joy and the courage that the conventional stage did not have.
In addition, can be also known as characteristic of the fighting scene; is unique; can grasp the pose (can see) to decide to stop the movement at one time, and to glare with a figure of the Acala when shade it off, and the performance of (shade off) and the actor reaches the peak.

Thing and Kabuki which were endowed with a child "thanked that soldier root Soga (つわものこんげんそが) made a big hit, and nine storehouse (のちの second generation Danjuro) parent and child who stepped on preem with first Danjuro and 10 years old dedicated a mirror to the Naritasan very much. In addition, stage costume is garnished with the ornamental cabbage which is a temple crest of the Naritasan, and depth of the faith is shown.

Seventh generation Danjuro Ichikawa for a while (for a while)

"The pose of the Fudo" played in one's own Kabuki "Fudo" was right said to be the pose in the pose. It may be said that the legend that "a pose of the Fudo" cured the illness of various people was the most an expression of the mercy of the God of the Fire.

The fifth generation in Kabuki "for a while" (for a while) of the specialty such as "... in ancestral deities of birth in Chuo Univ. Nihon Univ. St. Fudo, Narita" is said to statement that took it in by lines.
From this, the God of the Fire of the Naritasan is an ancestor of Muneie Ichikawa, and it may be said that the art of Danjuro became immovable to know it if there is the faith.

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Danjuro and 成田詣

A lot of people of Edo came to visit Narita by playing Kabuki that Danjuro was associated with the God of the Fire of the Naritasan in the Edo era. It is 3 days and 2 nights from the Edo era. I stay in outward trip Funabashi for one night, and Naritasan is visited on the second day. The return journey takes the accommodation in Funabashi, too. For the Edoites, it would be slight leisure.
I was combined with a space having come out to the living of general public in the Edo era of the peace of mind, and 成田詣 was praised to the skies as very much.
Around Naritasan, the restaurants that treated a trip basket and a prayer visitor stood in a row, and a temple town was formed. This becomes the model of the current Naritasan Omotesando Street.

There is the word "entertaining" (act as go-between). It is meant that a reception taking care of is done, but it is said that it is written down to the old Buddhist altar of the Naritasan with "Naritasan exhibiting a Buddhist image entertaining Danjuro Ichikawa". People who came to the prayer at the time of person from each generation exhibiting a Buddhist image (ginkgo) to meet the man himself in the Edo era let alone time when Danjuro visited it in Naritasan by all means were treated, and it was attended to. This has a meaning, "it is served" and will perform the line of the servant who is a bank of man himself.

For the seventh generation, I assumed Master's name of Danjuro as a successor at only 10 years old. The best expert of the modern executor and the seventh generation when it is sung. The eighteen best plays of the Ichikawa family of kabuki actors are still inherited with the thing which this seventh generation established well. An ex-voto gallery was dedicated to the precincts in Naritasan. The signboard called "a せったい place" was raised by oneself in the front, and behavior "acted as go-between" and did a teacake to people to visit.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple ex-voto gallery

The seventh generation Danjuro Ichikawa stone statue

Unfortunately the ex-voto gallery which the seventh generation dedicated has disappeared. But it is done 奉安, and "I act as go-between" while still watching us calmly, and stone construction of the seventh generation gives the current ex-voto gallery in front of the depths light temple of the Daihondo Hall it.

In addition, is the House of life extension in the Naritasan Omotesando Street known? By the Reform of the Tempo Era that declared simple economy by member of the Shogun's Council of Elders Tadakuni Mizuno in 1842 (Tenpo 13), I was sentenced to punishment of the deportation punishment from Edo for the seventh generation. It is the House of life extension on this occasion that I change the name with Narita-ya seven Court Security Office, and became a dependent. This is associated, and a crest of 三舛 of the Narita-ya is garnished the House of life extension with. Time goes by and the streetlight that a crest of 三舛 was treated is installed in the slope of Naritasan Omotesando Street Nakanocho after this relationship and it is warm and is lighting up the cityscape of Narita now.

The House of life extension historic site in Omotesando

Streetlight in the slope of Omotesando Nakanocho

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Visiting grounds PDF related to Danjuro Ichikawa

It is the PDF that the place related to Danjuro Ichikawa of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple precincts was introduced to.

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